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Sociology 2nd Exam

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shared way of lifeculture (book)
sum total of humankinds ideas and mechanisms for the survival of specialsculture (prof)
to view a culture from your point of view and to view that culture negativelyethnocentrism
almost universalethnocentrism
to view a culture from its point of viewcultural relativism
black and whites stay apartapartheid
socially accetable behaviorsnorms
majority of population does itnorms
(+) necessary for survival of societymorE
heavy sanction (strong punishment)morE
necessary for society as well (-)taboo
4 universal taboosCannibalism, Homicide, Incest, Folway
how cultures changecultural dynamics
3/14/44 BCPax Romana brought romance languages to Rome
1619 ADAfrican slave trade
1845 - 1847Potato Famine: Irish migration
Noachian flood caused bySodom and Gomorrah's homosexuality and beastility
Tristian Da CunitaEarthquake
1600 BCHyksos take over Egypt then Ah-mose and K-mose take back egypt
Egyptian takeover and takebackhorse and bow left
It doesnt matter who wins the warWhose culture is stronger?
2 Natural DiscoveriesFire, Melting
Emmer WheatDiscovery of Agriculture
Madam Marie CurrieRadium >> Radioactivity
S. FransicoGold
James Watt inventspractical steam engine
responsible for Industrial RevJames Watt
Steam Engine bringsBeer and Printing Press
Johannes GuttenburgPrinting Press
how it goes from one place to anothercultural transmission
cultural transmissionsenculturation, acculturation, cultural diffusion
the intergenerational transmission of info (parents)enculturation
a new culture in a new landacculturation
cultural borrowingcultural diffusion
Found magnatite lodestone and gunpowdermarco polo
lead to compassmagnatite lodestone
1st paper moneyChina
brought civic laws and capitalismwilliam shakespeares "merchant of venice"
2 norms equally held at the same time (by society)normative inconsistency
normative inconstitenciesabortion, death penalty, and conscientious objection
abortionprolife v. prochoice
death penaltyif u kill u should be killed v. a country against killing shouldnt kill
conscientious objectionnot kill b/c of religious conviction v. country pride
way one resolves dillema of normative inconsistencyone's own self-interest
cultural dynamicsMigration, Castrophe + War, Discovery + Inventions
religious v.s sex norms reproduction
prayer, attendance, rituals, faith, hope, charity religious norms
religious norms morE
sexual norms taboo
a standard of judgement of what is considered right or important values
success, upward mobility, education, and advancement values
each culture develops the tech. vocab it needs to define reality sapir-whorf theory
each cultures reality is different sapir-whorf theory
each language requirement is different sapir-whorf theory
no words for war to lie and sand but 36 ways to say snow eskimos