Sociology 1

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CH 1

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Sociological Perspective BergerLook for patterns in people's behavior, rapid chage enhanced ability to see sociologically
Sociological Perspective DurkheimDif b/t those who commit suicide/thise who dont' is sociological integration
Theological Stage of Societyexplain things through understanding of god
Metaphysical Stage : know little about science
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Last Stage of societyscientific


Sociology : study of society
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Sociology turns personal problems intopublic issues to promote needed changeb
Global Perspectiveour place in society affects our expericences
Sociology/Public PolicyLaws/regulations guide life/work in communities
Auguste Comtecoined sociology. Introduced positivism. Society has three stages


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Structural Functional Approach(rose tinted)society complex system in which parts work together to promote stability/solidarity
Robert K Mertonpointed out social structures many functions.
Merton's Manifest Functionspointed out the reason something existed
Merton's Latent Functionsunintended consequences of social pattern


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Social Conflict Approach (red colored lenses)society seen as arena of inequality that generates change/conflict
Social Conflict macro level orientationbroad focus on social structures that shape a whole society
Social Conflict micro level orientationclose up focus on social interaction in specific situations
Symbolic Interaction Approachsociety is product of the everyday interactions of individuals
Symbolic Interaction rootsMax Weber/Erving Goffman/George Herbert Mead
Positivist Sociology : study of society based on scientific observation of social behavior. based on empirical evidence(senses)


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Conceptrepresent some part of world in simplified form
Variableconcept that changes from case to case
Measurementprocedure for determining the value of a variable in a case
Variable operationalizationspecifying what is to be measured b/f assigning variable value
Descriptive Statisticsstate what is average for a large pop
Reliability : consistency in measurement
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Validitymeasuring what you intend to measure
Scientific Sociologyfocuses on action, objective reality, quantitive data
Interpretive Sociologystudy of society that focuses on discovering the meanings people attach to their social world. focuses on qualitative, sees reality
Critical Sociologyfocus on need for social change, asks moral/polictical questions, rejects Weber's goal of value-free sociology