Sociological Perspective

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Sociology the study of human behavior in society - the (scientific) study of society, social interactions, and social groups
‘Personal troubles of milieu'our own individual experiences, it can be difficult to see outside of our experience, we have our own private orders
‘Public issues of social structure’ matters that transcend the local environment with big issues
“Render familiar strange, the strange familiar”Ex: studying behavior of elevators- Ex: human interaction with pigeons. -You put into question why you do certain things etc. We are studying how are we putting this all together. - If we look at the things we find strange we realize they aren’t as strange as we think. We have to look beyond what we commonly accept and use pass things we assume.
Sociological Imagination The ability to see the connection between our individual identities and the social contexts (family, friends, and institutions) in which we find ourselves
Social Location how social, historically, cultural, economic, and political factors guide our choices. It is finding where your experience fits in. You can see if you fulfill those or do not, and how these have affected your life. It is where we find where we fit. (Biography of history-ask) finding our social location- they might be conscious and may not be.
Reflexivity to look at yourself critically. (Where your from all effects how you interact with people, it shapes all of our interactions) even the words we use, the way use them affects this. We don’t have to go along with these patterns but it helps us.
What occurs after you have social location?Once you have social location it lets us connect to the larger social world. This ideally means we can think through other people’s point of view/ opinions. It’s good to remove yourself and step back to put yourself in their position. It could help question what is normal for every day. Something could be normal in that culture and not in ours or another etc, what we see as natural.
Social Structureways people and groups are related to each other: the structured or patterned contexts, regularities in behavior and relationships, patterns determine us
Agencychoice, the ability to act, (Ex: we are not a math problem, we all have differences), we have options, ability to fight against patterns, “we can go against the grain”
Do we make up these social patterns?· We do, our decisions are shaped by them. · We as individuals make up the change, we make up that pattern, we are determined by that pattern. Larger patterns-our behavior is determined by them, yet we determine them too. · Individuals always make changes, yet our individual changes affect them.
Structurationthe creating or reconstructing of the social structure, always in process, the larger patterns are changing over time and not staying the same. The norms in society change even if slowly.
Do we have clashes between our own choices and the norms of society?There are a lot of clashes with having our own choices and what the norms of society are. This ties back to social location- Q: how? (ASK) with in our social location its where do we make these choices.

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