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Labov's NY surveyPrevious studies concluded that NY was a site of massive free variation/ choices were a matter of pure chance.
Vernacular A style of speech in which little attention is given to the monitoring of speech (colloquial)
Susan SaltoLabov focuses narrowly on the phonetic variation of one subject, Susan Salto, and then shows how her variability reflects the larger variability of her class, age, and sex on the Lower East Side.
Results from Labov's NY surveySpeakers of all classes used both variants of (r). Standard form was used by MC more. Linguistic variation is not free but patterned = language encodes social relationships
Linguistic variablePhoneme or linguistic item that has different realisations. Standard variety is usually considered the reference variety - represented in ( ) and variants in [ ]
Variants4 types: Phonological (ing vs. in or ingk) Morphological (1st person singular - I say vs I says) Syntactic (he's never been vs he ain't never been) and Vocabulary (word choice - good vs grand)
Non-linguistic variablesAge, gender, social class

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