Society (1964-75) - Extra Notes

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In 1974 living-standards were falling, and house pries fell by 13% in 1974, how much further did they fall in 1975?16%
What did the tax rate on earned, and unearned income peak at?83% and 98%
What begun to threaten the existence of the United Kingdom?Rise of independence movements in Wales and Scotland
What did economic problems and social unrest lead to a feeling of?That Britain was "the new sick man of Europe"
What was significant about the 1967 Abortion Act?It was introduced by "Private Members Bills"
How many illegal abortions took place each year during the 1950's?As many as 100 000
Which act gave single women access to contraception?The Family Planning Act, 1967
What was the name of the act which permitted homosexual acts?The Sexual Offences Act, 1967
When was the voting age reduced from 21 to 18?1969
What did the Race Relations Act effectively do?Make it illegal to discriminate on the grounds of race in public places.
7 000 Kenyan Asians arrived between December 1967 and February 1968, why did The Daily Mirror warn that Britain faced the prospect of "an uncontrolled flood of Asian immigrants"8 000 more had a legal entitlement to enter
What did the February 1968 Commonwealth Immigration Act do?Only those with "substantial connections to Britain" - through the Birth of their father or grandfather, could enter.
Opinion polls showed support for Powell between what numbers?67% and 82%
What did the British Ecology Party, founded in 1973, later become?the Green Party

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