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What is the definition of culture?-Classify communicate experiences symbolically. -Ways of life for an entire society passed on from generation to generation. -Sum of attitudes, customs, and beliefs.
Kinship with 2 sentences describing it.Kinship is how children are perceived to the aged and family networks
2 similar characteristics in Inuit and Metis culture.They both are each one of the 3 most important aboriginal groups in Canada. They live depending on environmental factors.
2 differences between Inuit and MetisThey are each their own culture. They speak different languages(Metis might have a few Cree words, but that's it)
What province is officially bilingual?The only province that is officially bilingual is New Brunswick. It is not Quebec because Quebec doesn't need to write any treaties/documents in English.
How did laws of Canada affect minority groups in the past.Canada's laws wanted First Nations people to be put in Residential schools to strip their identity. Laws in Canada in the past wanted Native people to live in reserves so that they could be isolated from others.
How have laws in Canada and SK affected the Inuit and MetisLaws have made Inuit and Metis hunting harder to do because there's only a certain number a hunter can kill daily. Because of this, my second reason is that their population has changed. Because the hunting law, a portion of the Native group has left for other countires.
Why do we learn Native culture in school?We can't forget the past. 2 things from the past are residential schools-dehumanize. Also, taking away their rights.

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