Social study vocabulary

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Section 1

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manufactureto produce goods in large numbers in a fact
considerationthinking about something carefuly
executionthe act of carrying out or completing
utilizationthe act of using something is a practical way
resourcea raw material used to served human needs
limitedhaving a certain amount
efficientlyin a way that does not waste the effort or resource
conservationthe protection and careful management of natural resources
luxuriousexpensive and unnecessary
lifespanthe length of time that something can be used

Section 2

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expertisea high level of knowledge and skills
enhanceto improve the quality, amount or strength
capabilitythe quality if being capable
entrepreneurthe owner of a business
productivitythe ability to produce
sustainable able to be continue
outputa material produced

Section 3

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compensateto pay money in exchange for something that has been lost or damage
severancemoney paid by an employer to an employee whose employment the employer end
investmentto put money into with the expectation or profit
loansmoney that is borrowed
evasionavoiding a duty or responsibility by illegal means
levied imposed tax
corporatebelonging to a united group
revenuemoney that comes from taxes
fiscalrelating to government finances
excisetax on goods, such as alcohol
misledto trick or give wrong information to
integratedto make or be made into a whole
excessmore than is necessary
cooperativean enterprise owned and managed collectively
dividendthe profits of a company paid to its shareholders

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