Social Studies-China

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Question Answer
ConfusionismCONFUSIUS better society with clear order and harmony; relationships- loyalty courtesy, hard work + kindness; rulers should be based on ability not family connections
LegalismHAN FEI ZI better society with efficient government; teach obedience + authority; people are bad ( dishonest ) ; rulers know whats best; teach with brutal punishments QIN DYNASTY
DaoismLAOZI ( little known ); ideas in Tao Te Ching- The way and its power; simplicity, MEDITATION + closeness with nature; politics and education are unecessary
Analectsthe record of conversation between Confucius and his students
Taoan undefined universal force; road to reach goal
main belief systemBuddhism, Confucianism + Daoism ( Legalism was not as well studied or valued )
Legalism, Daoism + Confucianismduring 4th and 5th century; resulted from conflicts between warring groups
meritocracyearn your job
Kejuthe first standardized test in China; only for men to enter civil services (gov. jobs)
Gaokaoan exam in China open to all; determines what university you can attend

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