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Theorist best known for classical conditioningPavlov
Basic principles involved in operant conditioningOrganism plays some role in what happens
Theorist best known for operant conditioningB.F. Skinner
Conditioned response in triggered by:A stimulus
What is a cognitive map, what does it help us do?Visual map that helps us make decidions
What was the experiment "Little Albert" Teach Albert to fear a little white rat through association of loud noise. Lead to generalization of all small white creatures.
What is the disappearance of a conditioned response known as?Extinction.
Reinforcement Schedule: Every hour you get a five minute breakFixed-interval schedule
Reinforcement Schedule: Every once in a while your friend callsVariable-Interval schedule
Reinforcement Schedule: You have to pump the handle three times to get gas.Fixed- Ratio schedule
Reinforcement Schedule: You ask several people out before you get a dateVariable-Ratio schedule.
What is a zygote?A fertilized egg
What are chromosomes? What do they contain?They hold DNA
What is genetically true about dizygotic twins?They are no more alike than normal siblings
A duck is most ready to solidly identify a mother at what period?First image they see: imprinting
Authoritarian parents tend to raise children who have what type of characteristics?Resistant and less friendly.
Permissive parents tend to raise children who have what type of characteristics?Low self-esteem, irresponsible, impulsive, unfriendly
Authoritative parents tend to raise children who have what type of characteristics?Independent and achievement oriented.
Early adolescense runs from the ages of:11-16
Late adolescence runs from the ages of:16=19
What is true regarding the rates of physical maturation between boys and girls?Growth spurts come earlier for girls.
What is true about boys who mature early?They have a high self esteem
What is true about girls who mature early?They have low self esteem
Possible long-term side-effects of bulimia nervosa?Health problems, erosion of tooth enamel, irritated mouth and throat.
When is conformity to a clique or gang the strongest?Early Adolescense
According to Erikson, what are the stages of identity development?Trust Vs. Mistrust, Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt, Initiative vs. Guilt, Industry vs. Inferiority, Identity vs. Role Confusion, Intimacy vs. Isolation, Generativity vs. Stagnation, Ego Integrity vs. Despair
Trial and error period of searching for ones identity?Moratorium
No commitments are made and no searching is done during this state.Identity Diffused
People in this state are committed to their own values and beliefs. Identity Forclosed
Commitments are made, but they are not based on one's own searching.Identity Achieved
Describe the family life of someone who is a juvenile delinquent? Chaotic atmosphere, poor communication, abuse, little affection/ support.
How does drinking negatively affect adolescents?Long term health problems, poor grades, car accidents, death, aggressive behavior
What is generally true about adolescents and sexual activity in H.SIt seems like there is more happening then there is.
Young adulthood covers a span of about twenty years between what ages?20's-40's
What is a key developmental goal of most young adult men?To become independent from parental authority.
Why is the development of an identity as an adult important?To establish and maintain relationships
What are the five stages of dying?Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.
What can a family member do to best support a terminally ill member?Encourage them to talk about their feelings.
T/F: Research suggests that remarriages are even more likely than 1st marriages to end in divorce.True
T/F: Children of divorce are more likely to have behavior problems. engage in substance abuse, and get lower grades in school. True
T/F: Some psychologists have noted that many people experience a midlife transition around the ages of 60-65False, 45-65
By what age does Sigmund Freud feel that personality is set by?Age 6
If a child eats all the candy they want, Freud would say they are satisfying what part of their subconscious?The ID
What is the collective unconscious and how does Carl Jung believe it affects society?Everyone shares the same ideas and thoughts.
Karen Horney believed what ab out the subconscious?That people fight rejection and need love.
What does Alfred Adler believe about personality and what is his main theory?Social associations aid in proper development.
Approach-Avoidance conflict happens when you choose between...Two things that have good and bad qualities.
Defense Mechanisms comes from what psychologist?Sigmund Freud
Someone is having a tough day with people at school, they yell at their friends later. What defense mechanism is this?Displacement
Someone who things every illness is fatal has:Hypocondria
OCD results from what?Unresolved issued of guilt.
What works to eliminate bad habits and phobias?Cognitive behavioral therapy.
Kohlberg feels few people will ever reach this level of moral development:Post-conventional.