Social Psychology Final

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The two kinds of aggression areInstrumental and Emotional (hostile)
Instrumental aggression:Inflicting harm in order to obtain something of value
Emotional (hostile) aggression:Inflicting harm just because
A disorder, symptoms include criminal behavior, recklessness, lack of empathy and guiltAntisocial Personality Disorder (APD)
Low serotonin equals _____Aggression
A profound, unconscious desire to escape the tensions of living by becoming still or dead.Thantos

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Hypothesis that says frustration always motivates aggression and aggression is always caused by frustrationFrustration-Aggression Hypothesis (Dollard)
_____ states that aggression should reduce the motive to agress furtherCatharsis
_____ is when we release aggression on something else that is not the source of our aggressionDisplacement
_____ is a mythCatharsis

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Eastern cultures help others more as they areInterdependent
Helping genetic relatives so that your genes will surviveKinship Selection
_____ theory states that human interactions are transactions that aim to maximize one's rewards and minimize one's costSocial Exchange theory
States that if you help others, you will be helped in returnReciprocal Altruism
The Negative State Relief Model states:that sad people help others to feel better

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Demands < ResourcesChallenge
Demands > ResourcesThreat
Explicit self-esteemPeople's conscious feelings of value and worth
Implicit self-esteemPeople's unconscious feelings of value and worth
Belief that we have the power to infuence important future outcomesHardiness
Belief that we are capable of the specific behavior required to produce a desired outcomeSelf-efficacy
_____ focused: try to alter a stressful situationProblem focused
_____ focused: try to reduce the distress produced by a stressful situationEmotion focused

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