Social Interaction

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Question Answer
Difficulty in satisfying the requirements or expectations of multiple rolesRole conflict
Difficulty in satisfying multiple requirements of the same roleRole strain
Groups to which an indvidual belongs and can be contrastedIn-groups
Groups to which an individual competes or is in oppositionOut-groups
Groups that establish the termbs by which individuals evaluate themselves Reference groups
Fundamental dimensions of interaction: dominance vs. submission, unfriendliness vs. unfriendliness, instrumentally controlled vs. emotionally expressiveSystem for multiple level observation of groups (SYMLOG)
A rational system of political organization, administration, discipline, and controlBureaucracy
Refers to a shift in a bureaucracy toward effiency, predictability, calculatibility, and control McDonaldization
Process of displaying oneself to society through culturally accepted behaviorsSelf-presentation
A shared set of beliefs, attitudes, norms, values, and behaviors among members of the same culture that are organized round a central themeCultural syndrome