Social Influence

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Question Answer
Types of conformityKelman
Explanations for conformityDeutsch and Gerard
Agentic stateMilgram
The F-ScaleAdorno
Locus of controlRotter
Blue-green slidesMoscovici
Maths questionsLucas, AO3 for Deutsch and Gerard
AffiliationMcGhee and Teevan, AO3 for Deutsch and Gerard
DissenterAsch, AO3 for Deutsch and Gerard
Engineering studentsPerrin and Spencer, AO3 for Asch
Play-actingBanuazizi and Mohavedi, AO3 for Zimbardo
PuppySheridan and King, AO3 for Milgram
NursesHofling, AO3 for Milgram
UniformBickman, AO3 for Milgram's variables
Spanish studentsMiranda, AO3 for Milgram's variables
The 'obedience alibi'Mandel, AO3 for Milgram's variables
Students blamed experimenterBlass and Schmitt, AO3 for the agentic state
My Lai MassacreKelman and Hamilton, AO3 for legitimacy of authority
Ppts scored highly on the F-scale - Milgram, AO3 for Adorno
Question Answer
Ignores extreme left-wing groupsChristine and Jahoda, AO3 for Adorno
Thick glasses dissenterAllen and Levine, AO3 for resistance to social influence
Replicated Milgram's study and measured LOC: Holland, AO3 for LOC
Question Answer
People have become more resistant but more externalTwenge, AO3 for LOC
Meta-analysis of consistent minoritiesWood, AO3 for minory influence
Minority and majority viewpointsMartin, AO3 for minority influence
EnergyNolan, AO3 for social change
Effects of minority influence are delayedNemeth, AO3 for social change
Majority influence causes deeper processingMackie, AO3 for social change
StereotypesBashir, AO3 for social change