Social influence

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Conformity (AO1) 3 types: Internalisation, identification, complianceKelman
Conformity (AO1) Two-process theory of conformity: ISI and NSIDeutsch and Gerard
Conformity (AO3) Maths questions - Higher for difficult questionsLucas
Conformity (AO3) More likely in students in higher need of affiliationMcGhee and Teevan
Conformity study (AO1) Line experiment, group size, unanimity, difficultyAsch
Asch (AO3) One engineering student conformedPerrin and Spencer
Asch (AO3) All-male study - women desire acceptance moreNeto
Conformity to social roles (AO1) Stanford prison experimentZimbardo
Zimbardo (AO3) Participants play-acted based on stereotypesBanuazizi and Mohavedi
Zimbardo (AO3) Ignores dispositional factors in participantsFromm
Obedience study (AO1) Shock experimentMilgram
Milgram (AO3) Social identity theory: 4th prompt caused ppts to quitHaslam and Reicher
Milgram (AO3) 100% of women gave 'fatal shock' to puppySheridan and King
Milgram (AO3) 21 of 22 nurses administered drug without reasonHofling
Obedience: Situational variables (AO1) Proximity, location, uniformMilgram
Situational variables (AO3) Ppts twice as likely to obey security guardBickman
Situational variables (AO3) 90% obedience rate in Spanish studentsMiranda
Situational variables (AO3) 'Obedience alibi'Mandel
Social-psychological factors (AO1) Agentic stateMilgram
Agentic state (AO3) Students blamed experimenter as he had authorityBlass and Schmidt
Agentic state (AO3) My Lai MassacreKelman and Hamilton
Dispositional explanations (AO1) The authoritarian personality, F-scaleAdorno
Authoritarian personality (AO3) Obedient ppts scored highly on F-scaleMilgram
Authoritarian personality (AO3) Ignores extreme left-wing groupsChristine and Jahoda
Resistance (AO1) Examples of social supportConformity - Asch, Obedience - Milgram
Resistance (AO1) Locus of Control, continuumRotter
Resistance (AO3) Thick glasses dissenter still reduced conformityAllen and Levine
Resistance (AO3) Replicated Milgram's study and measured LOCHolland
Resistance (AO3) People have become more resistant but more externalTwenge
Minority influence (AO1) Blue-green slides studyMoscovici
Minority influence (AO1) FlexibilityNemeth
Minority influence (AO3) Consistent minorities most influentialWood
Minority influence (AO3) First opinion heard is more deeply processedMartin
Social change (AO1) Occurs through gradual commitmentZimbardo
Social change (AO3) Mentioned majority in energy campaignNolan
Social change (AO3) Effects of MI are indirect and delayedNemeth
Social change (AO3) It is the majority view which causes deeper processingMackie
Social change (AO3) Ppts resist social change due to fear of stereotypesBashir

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