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deviancebehavior, ideas, or attributes that some people in society find unacceptable in any way
functionalist perspective deviancegood bc it affirms cultural values and norms, negative rxn clarifies boundaries and promotes social unity, encourages change.
merton's strain theorydeviance occurs when culturally approved goals can't be achieved by culturally approved means.
How does defining deviance relate to power and stratification in society?once someone is labeled as deviant they are treated with less respect by society
What is the dilemma inherent in the interests of individuals vs the interests of the social group?potential for a society's long term ruin bc of individuals tendency to persue their own short term interest
bureaucracya large, hierarchical organization governed by formal rules and regulations and has clear specification of work tasks.
pros of bureaucracyneeded to accomplish big feats
cons of bureacuracycauses mcdonaldization, rule driven, impersonal
stratificationstructured system of ranking entire groups that perpetuates unequal rewards and life chances in society
social classgroup of people who share econ position based on wealth and income
intergenerational mobilityany change in the social position of family members that takes place from one generation to the next.
functionalist perspective of inequalityinequality contributes to efficiency
skill reward continuummore skill, less people, more reward. more people at the bottom, they get paid less each
critiques of skill reward continuumhow do you determine the importance of a task or job? what if someone doesnt have the opportunities to get skills?
conflict perspective of inequalityinequality is a reflection of unequal distribution of power and resources and is the primary source of conflict and coersion
1492reconquest, colonization and forced labor of indians by colonists bc there was a belief that indians were inherently different. this stemmed from the belief that people w pure bloodline are superior when the spanish took iberia
devidios view of biasin ambiguous situations, bias goes to minorities but when things are neutral there is a bias to white people
contribute to patriarchyphysical largeness of men, fertility occupies womens time.
ww2 workindustrial labor force needs workers so women and minorities start being employed
ww2 cultural images you can be a woman and work, at the same time??!?!!!!!!!
higher edu ww2women at the highest numbers to date in college


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baby boomers and gender rolesfirst generation of moms in industrial workforce during ww2
3 factors impact population
4 stages of demographic transition, how does tech relate
trends in birth and death rates accompanying each stage

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