Soc Chptr 5

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Section 1

Question Answer
SocializationLifelong social experience where ppl devolop human potential and learn culture
PersonalityConsistent patterns of acting, thinking, and feeling
IDUnconscious - basic drives
EgoConscious efferts to balance pleasure seeking drives w/ demands of society
SuperegoCultural values and norms internalized by individual
Sensorimotor StageStage - Experience world only through their senses
Preoperational StageStage - Language and other symbols
Concrete Operational StageStage - Causal connections in their surroundings
Formal Operational Stage Think abstractly & critically
SelfIndividuals personality composed of self awareness and self image
Looking glass selfSelf image based on how we think others see us
Significant othersPpl who have special importance for socialization
Peer groupSocial group where members have interests, social position, and age in common
Generalized OtherWidespread cultural norms and values we see as a reference in evaluating oursleves
Anticipatory SocializationLearning that helps person achieve desired position
CohortCategory of ppl with something in common
Mass MediaMeans for delivering impersonal communications to a vast audience
Total InstitutionSetting in which ppl are isolated from the rest of society and manipulated by an administrative staff
RecsocializationRadically changing on innate personality by carefully controlling the envioment

Section 2