SOC 200

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Question Answer
Class struggleconflict between opposing classes that is a driving force in history
Class polarizationgrowing concentration of people into 2 classes
Globalizationspread of capitalism throughout the world
Revolutionoverthrow of the mode of production
Bourgeoisieowners of the means of production
Proletariatworking class
Labor theory of valuevalue of a commodity in relation to labor put in
Use-valueutility of an object
Exchange valuemarket value of a product
Commoditysomething bought or sold
Absolute surplus valuevalue produced by extending the work day
Relative surplus valuevalue produced by speeding up the work day
Alienationseparation of a person from the product of their labor
Species beingcreative, authentic self
Materialismtheory that the physical world is primary
Mode of productionsystem of organizing labor
Division of laborthe organization of work into separate spheres of activity
Dominant ideologythe ruling ideas of every time period are the ideas of the ruling class

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