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Improper use of drugs or alcohol to the degree that the consequences are defined as detrimental to the user or society Abuse
Repeated use of a drug or alcohol to the point of periodic or chronic intoxication Addiction
The virus which causes aids HIV
This is caused by the HIV virus it attacks certain white blood cells causing the amine system to stop functioning Aids
The cause of a disease Etiology
A major armed conflict between nations or between organized groups within a nation in which a thousand or more people are killed War
A feeling of political disillusionment powerlessness and estrangement Political alienation
A model in politics in which power is concentrated in political economic and military leaders Power elite model
A group that attempts to influence public opinion and political decisions in accord with the interests of its members. This is the most effective way to influence the government there are 30,000 in the United States and they give 141.1 million dollars to candidates Interest groups
The more or less equal distribution of power among interest groups. Pluralism
All civilians who are employed or unemployed but able and desire to work. Since the 1940s the labor force need has been growing faster than the populationLabor force
Does not enhance the chances for a successful marriage Cohabitation
What you feel about your own gender Gender Dysphoria
Assumed that everything coming from the media is accurate Fallacy of Authority
34%Children in poverty
Exploitation media and the government Institutional Racism
Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, aggravated assault, forcible rape, robbery, burglary, larceny, 'motor vehicle theft, and arson Crime index
Having five or more drinks on the same occasion Binge drinkers
The 20th century more than 100 million deaths occurred civilians accounted for 1/2 in 1950s 3/4 in 1980s and 90% of deaths in 1990s Bloodiest century
11,770 reported attacks 5,765 people killed 34,124 injured and 4,858 kidnap led Terrorist attacks in 2014
Erosion, deforestation, climate change, desertification/over grazing, and drought/water crisisPollution effects on the environment
Organic sewage, eutrophication, infectious agents, and nonorganic chemicalsAmount of water pollutants
That which symbolizes repute or disgrace Stigma
There is a lot of this dust, pollen, ash, spot, chemicals, etc.Air pollution
The meaning of being male or female in a societyGender

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