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Well Darsiya, my time at the ganesh patasala has been full of that. I have been a volunteer at the temple for about 3 years now. What I discovered in my process of volunteering in the temple and truly being an active member of the temple community, is so much more than I could have ever learned from books or lessons alone. Going to patasala as a child, I learned studies of our time-honored culture and religion alongside the expected academics, the math and science that we all so cherish and place so much emphasis upon, as well as basic moral values that in perhaps one way or another, has contributed to me being the person that I am today. The english I learned there held me in good stead, the science I learned made my grades high, but the values I learned there made me. The Ganesha Patasala taught me me how to become one with the community when i took up volunteering at the temple. Through the volunteering that I did at the temple, I learned and enhanced values of compassion, kindness, respect, empathy, and a strong sense of duty. At the time, I was just doing it for the credits and glory that comes with volunteering. Little did I know, that I was building myself out of the lego blocks given to me by the temple.
  A common misconception to many is that volunteering is done for the college credits, the honor that comes with it, and that moment when you tell people that you volunteer regularly somewhere. Volunteering is done for that moment of personal joy when you have helped another human being and made someone’s day just a little bit better.