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Jones 2010: detailsmetered vs bolus water consumption on urine production and rehydration
Jones 2010: methodppts dehydrated by 2% BW via moderate ex. rehydration using a volume of water equal to lost. Bolus (100%) or metered consumption (12.5% vol every 30 mins for 4h). Urine volume assessed.
Jones 2010: resultsmetered admin more effective in maintaining fluid balance. rehydration rate is a factor in fluid-balance response

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Shirreffs 1996: detailsvol consumed and Na content on post-ex rehydration in men
Shirreffs 1996: methodcycle ex to dehydrate 2% BM. each ppt consumed 4 different drink volumes on four separate weeks. 23mmol NA vs 61mmol NA in 50/100/150/200% volume of water lost. blood and urine samples pre and 3h post-ex
Shirreffs 1996: results50% excreted less urine than others. both Na and volume interact to affect rehydration process. drink volume greater than sweat loss during ex must be consumed to restore fluid balance. but if Na content is not sufficiently high, this will result in increased urinary output

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Shirreffs & Maughan 1998: detailsvolume repletion after ex-induced volume depletion on replacement of water and Na losses
Shirreffs & Maughan 1998: methodintermittent ex to deplete vol (1.89%) of BM, warm, humid env. (ex in large open plastic bag) collection of all sweat secreted. drink 0,25,50 or 100 mmol/L Na in a vol equiv to 150% of mass lost (g) by volume depletion
Shirreffs & Maughan 1998: resultsimportance of replacing of Na as well as water for vol repletion after sweat loss. Na intake on trial 100mmol was apropriate for acute fluid balance restoration but resulted in undesirable loss of K+

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Clayton 2013: detailsdrink CHO content on post-ex grastic emptying, rehydration and the calculation of net fluid balance
Clayton 2013: methodintermittent exercise to lose around 1.8% BM. rehydrated 150% BM loss, with hypotonic 2% or hypertonic 10% drink over 60mins (glucose drinks)
Clayton 2013: resultsdecreased urine output following hypertonic ingestion rehydration drink might be mediated by slower rate of gastric emptying

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James 2013: detailsvarying the concentrations of CHO and Milk protein in rehydration solutions injested after ex in heat.
James 2013: method3 occasions, 8 healthy males dehydrated to identical degree of BM loss (1.8%) by intermittent cycling in heat. rehydration w/ 150% of BML over 1h w/ 60g/L CHO solution, 40g/L CHO + 20g/L milk protein solution, or 20g/L CHO + 40g/L milk protein solution
James 2013: resultsCHO- milk protein is better than a CHO solution. high conc of milk protein is not better in terms of fluid relation to low conc. following ex dehydration

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James 2012: detailsrehydration solution containing whey protein isolate in fluid balance after exercise-induced dehydration
James 2012: methodintermittent ex to decrease BM (1.86%) in heat. rehydrated with volume 1.5x BML. - either 65g/L CHO or 50g/L CHO + 15g/L whey protein isolate. urine samples taken pre& 4h post ex)
James 2012: resultssolution of CHO and whey neither increased or decreased rehydration vs CHO

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