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history, 1924-39, and 1960shigh CHO diets enhanced marathon performance, and advent of the biopsy needle and discovery that you could increase the storage of CHO in muscle
Goldman (1992) question 1 would they take performance enhancing drugs ifguaranteed to win every competition for 5 years, and guaranteed not to be caught - 195 (98%) said yes
Goldman (1992) question 2 would they take performance enhancing drugs if:guarateed to win every comp for 5 years, guaranteed not to be caught but guaranteed death from side effects - 103 (52%) said yes
Maughan's rule for supplementationIf it works, it’s probably banned. If it’s not banned, it probably doesn’t work

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310 male and female athletes at track and field championships - how many supplement?83% males and 89% females
reasons for supplementation?aids recovery (71%), health (52%), improves performance (46%), prevent/treat illness (40%), compensate poor diet (29%)
categories of supplement soldpromote tissue repair/adaptation. promote fat loss. enhance energy supply. immune function. CNS stimulants. Promote joint health. Promote general health. Sports drinks/bars
Ergogenic aid examplscreatine, beta-alanine/carnosine, bicarbonate, caffeine, nitrate
What is the reason behind supplement testing?Number of high profile cases where athletes blamed positive drugs test on a supplement product

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Geyer et al 2008: Overviewtested 634 products from 13 countries for WADA banned steroids or prohormones
Geyer et al 2008: results14.8% contained undeclared WADA banned steroids or prohormones
how can banned substances get into supplements?inadvertent contamination from 1. raw material cross contamination at source. 2. manufacturing process cross contamination of lines ie outsourced manufacturer or inadequate cleaning of machinery

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Watson et al 2009: overview11 males, 9 females ingested 5g creatine in water spiked with 1 ug, 2.5 ug and 5 ug 19 norandostenedione (metabolic precursor of nandrolone) - collected urine samples for next 24 hrs
Watson et al 2009: resultspositive urine samples: 1ug = 0%. 2.5ug = 25%. 5ug = 75%
combatting contamination of supplements?informed sport logo - means that particular batch has been tested