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what happens to Branch chain amino acids (BCAA's) during exercise and what is it dependent on?they are oxidised, oxidation rate dependent on CHO availability
how much energy do BCAA's contribute?<5%, not a major contributor, can be up to 15% with severe carb restriction
how much of muscle is protein?20-25%
To gain 4kg of muscle in 12 weeks, how much protein must the body lay down per day?10g of protein in new muscle a day
What are BCAAs required for?mitochondrial biogenesis

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12 trained cyclists, 2h ride, 65g carbs vs 65g carbs and 19g protein per hourperformance between trials was similar, protein has no effect on performance when consumed during
CHO vs CHO-PRO vs CHO-CHO, 90min run, 4 h recovery then run to exhaustionadditional carbs or protein enhanced glycogen resynthesis (Betts et al 2007)
if a suboptimal amount of carbs is ingested, then does protein increase muscle glycogen synthesis?yes, but if optimal carbs is ingested, then protein doesnt contribute further, but its more realistic to use carbs and protein
hydration post exercise: 65g/L carbs vs 40g/L and 25g/L milk protein - which is better?milk protein helps enhance rehydration
What happens to protein synthesis responses (FSR mitochondria and myofibrillar)?they become exercise specific - increase in plasticity (continuous breakdown and synthesis), more responsive - proof of adaptive response specific to chronic training
CHOPRO, CHO and PLA (placebo) drinks on adaptation for endurance exerciseCHOPRO intake 1h after each session enhances adaptation - more protein = more mitochondria = higher ATP turnover = increased VO2 max
What effect does alcohol have on MPS?when consumed in vast amounts, alcohol can reduce MPS

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What are the protein requirements of athletes?sedentary 0.8g/kg, endurance 1.2-1.6g/kg, strength 1.2-1.7g/kg all /day
how much of 3000kcal/day should be protein?12-15%, 90-113g/day for a 70kg athlete (1.3-1.6g/kg/day)
What is the protein requirement during energy restriction?2g/kg/day, reduces lean tissue loss
Do athletes get the requirement?total protein is usually optimal but time of the day is the difficult part