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Witard 2014: detailslooked at effect of protein dose on MPS
Witard 2014: methodunilateral lower body resistance exercise. 0/10/20/40g whey protein doses
Witard 2014: results20g whey protein maximised MPS post-ex, and at rest. no further increase in MPS from 20-40g

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MacNaughton 2016: detailseffect of protein amount and MPS due to body size (males)
MacNaughton 2016: methodwhole body RE, on high and low LBM participants. 20/40g of whey protein given
MacNaughton 2016: results40g increased MPS to a greater extent than 20g. But no effect of body size

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Wilkinson 2007: detailseffect of post-ex milk intake vs soy protein on MPS (NPB)
Wilkinson 2007: methodunilateral leg RE bout, then consume fluid milk or soy protein beverage (isonitrogenous, isoenergetic) then measured muscle FSR 3h into recovery
Wilkinson 2007: resultsmilk increases MPS more than same amount of soy protein

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Tang 2009: detailscompare acute response of mixed MPS to rapidly (whey and soy) and slowly (casein) digested protein at rest and after RE
Tang 2009: methodunilateral leg RE, drink (same amount of EAAs, 10g) then measured MPS
Tang 2009: resultswhey protein increased MPS more than soy or casein post-exercise (whey > soy > casein)

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West 2011: detailseffects of divergent aminoacidemia by changing ingestion patterns of whey protein (alone) on MPS and anabolic signalling post exercise
West 2011: methodconsumed as single bolus (25g) or repeated small pulsed drinks (2.5g/20mins) to mimic a more slowly digested protein
West 2011: resultsBolus: increased blood EAA above pulse, increased MPS above pulse. Pulse: smaller blood EAAs but longer sustained. Fast delivery of AAs increases MPS more than slow delivery.

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Koopman 2007: detailsimpact of coingestion of various amounts of CHO w/ an ample amount of protein intake on post-ex MPS rates
Koopman 2007: method60 min RE, 3 groups: 0.3g/kg/h protein and 0/0.15/0.6g/kg/h CHO. collected blood and muscle samples
Koopman 2007: resultswhole body protein blood, synthesis and oxidation rates did not differ between experiments. no dif in MPS. congestion of CHO does not further stimulate post-ex MPS when ample protein is ingested.

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Rasmussen 2001: detailstiming of AA-CHO ingestion on anabolic response of muscle to RE
Rasmussen 2000: methodtreatment drink (6g PRO, 35g CHO) or placebo 1h or 3h post-RE on 2 occasions. MPS measured
Rasmussen 2001: resultssimilar anabolic responses at 1 and 3h for AA-CHO drink. no anabolic window

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Areta 2013: detailslook at timing and distribution of protein ingestion post-RE on MPS
Areta 2013: methodRE, 80g whey throughout recovery period (12h). 8x10g/1.5h (pulse). 4x20g/3h (intermediate). 2x40g/6h (bolus)
Areta 2013: resultsall increased MPS throughout. 20g/3h was superior to pulse and bolus for MPS throughout the day

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Res 2012: detailsprotein ingestion before sleep on post-ex overnight recovery
Res 2012: methodRE in evening, followed by 20gPRO60gCHO recovery drink at 9pm, then 40g casein or PLA at 11:30pm. MPS measured throughout nigth
Res 2012: resultscasein effectively digested&absorbed, increased circulating AAs (sustained throughout the night), Higher MPS with casein