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Was there any difference in MPS in different genders?no (west et al 2012)
Which increase MPS (FSR) more at 3h recovery, milk or soy? (wilkinson et al)milk by over 0.03%/h
Whey v Casein v Soy on FSR post exerciseWhey > Soy > Casein
Why was it strange the casein didnt provide good FSR compared to soy?Casein is milk protein (80%) but milk is a complex whole food, maybe didnt use optimal amounts of protein
Bolus vs Pulse delivery on MPS (west et al 2011)Bolus increases MPS more than slow delivery, but pulse delivery sustained FSR for longer, but overall bolus was more effective

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According to Koopman (2007) did carbs increase MPS when delivered with protein? (0g, 0.15 or 0.6g/kg/h carbs and 0.3g/kg/h protein)No effect, protein causes release of insulin for uptake regardless of number of carbs
When is optimal for protein feeding, pre, during or post exercise?pre has no effect, during maybe during resistance and early recovery, post = most focussed on in research
Why is it difficult to attribute pre and post exercise in athletes?for an athlete, post one training session is just pre the next.
How much spacing between protein feeding would be optimal?3-4 hours, allowing for resensitisation of muscle
What was the response to protein feeding 1 or 3h post exercise?there was no difference in MPS, no actual anabolic window but there might be window of opportunity ie you should allow muscle to resensitise to protein rather than continuously feed
20g every 3h, 10g every 1.5 h or 40g every 6h - which maximised?20g every 3h maximised MPS (areta et al 2013)
What increased MPS overnight?Pre-bed protein feeding post evening exercise

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12 weeks res. training (5/week) with milk, soy or carb feeding - which enhanced body composition changes the best?milk, increased body mass but reduced fat mass and increased fat and bone free mass (hartman et al 2007) (Josse et al found the same in females 2010)
How can you maximise NPB?exercise, high quality protein
What amount of protein should be consumed to maximise NPB?20-25g/3hours (>0.3g/kg) and around 40g protein before bed (around 0.5g/kg)