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What should differ between muscle glycogen maintenance with training and competition?train with low glyc, compete with high - nutrient availability alters signalling
What did training with low glyc result in?increase in citrate synthase, increased haloacid-dehalogenase activity (both key enzymes in oxidative metabolism)
What did training with low glyc do to self-selected training intensity?? reduced it by at least 25W/session according to Hulston (2010)
sleeping in a fasted state led to what in p-AMPK abundance?increased
what are potential limitations of train low strategies?reduces self-regulated training volume, increased risk of injury, increased risk of illness (CHO intake reduces URTI)
What should be focussed on pre-competition for endurance athletes?optimising CHO stores
recommendations post-exercise1.12g/kg/h soon after exercise (2-4hours)