Smart Materials

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Question Answer
What are smart materials?Reactive materials.
What do thermochromic materials do?They change colour when there is heat.
What do photochromic materials do?The pigments in them change colour in differant light levels.
What is polymorph?Small pellets that, when heated, fuse together.
What temeprature do polymorph pellets have to be heated to to fuse together?62 degrees.
What can polymorphs be used for?-Manufacturing awkward shapes -joining components together -making moulds for vacuum forming
What is smart grease used for?It is used to control movement.
What do nanoparticles do?Imporve the mechanical properties of a material, such as stiffness or elactisity.
What can nanopaterials do to cars? They can create cars that are faster, safer and more fuel efficient.

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