Small Group

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Section 1

Question Answer
Problem Solving Agenda system By Mcburney and Hance (Humanistic, Descriptive, Task)
Cultivation theory By Gerbner (Scientific and Descriptive)
Decision Emergence Theory By Fischer (Humanistic, Descriptive, Social)
Interaction Process Analysis Theory By Bales (Scientific, Descriptive, Social and Task)
Functional Approach Decision MakingBy Hirokawa and Gourman (Sci. and Des, Social and Task)
Structuration Theory By Poole ( Humanistic Descriptive)
Cultural Studies By Hall (Humanistic and Prescriptive)
Agenda Setting Theory By McCombs and Shaw ( Scientific and Descriptive)
Spiral of Silence By Neumann ( Humanistic and Descriptive)

Section 2

Question Answer
Polarization When the group is divided by two conflicting opinions
Structuration Production and reproduction of social systems through group members use of rules and resources in interaction
Production Only change that occurs
ReproductionReinforcement of the status quo
Rules Values, judgments, or previous policies
Resources Group members abilities or characteristics
Interaction people are free to act as they will
Dramatic Violence The overt expression of physical force compelling action against one's will on pain of being hurt and/or killed or threatened to be so victimized as part of the plot
Mean World Syndrome THe cynical mindset of general mistrust of others subscribe to by heavy TV viewers
Mainstreaming The process of blurring, blending, and bending that the heavy viewer undergoes
Resonance Reliving the experience of real life violence
Spiral of silenceIncreasing pressure people feel to conceal their views when they think they are in the minority
The Bradley Wilder affect People will say what the majority wants to hear, even is they believe otherwise
The Hipster Affect Buying into what people want and talk about in order to fit in
The silent majority If everyone thinks that they are of a minority view, they won't speak up, but when actually it could be the majority of people who don't speak up
Hegemony The subtle sway of society's haves over its have-nots

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