Small Ani. Sx- Ortho- Mandibular fx

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who gets mandibular fx more, dog or catcat more
most common place for mandible to fx on catsymphysis
are most mand fx open or closed?open
common accompanying injuriesupper airways, neuro trauma
(said in class) why do mandi fx heal so well?LOTS of blood supply to face
what are biomechanics like?,img src=""height="200"> said in class that you need to fix on tension side- difficult bc teeth there
#1 sign of mandib fx...other signs?malocclusion/Malalignment......also can use rads/CT
goal of Tx?restore occlusion (bite as good as possible)
how can you conservatively tx mandib fx? When would conservative been considered?use with Minimal displaced fractures--> use a tape muzzle for 6 weeks. make sure mouth left open just a little so they can suck up water and fluid foods. Can also put a tueb in there to make them eat (esp cats are asshole about not eating with this tx)
2 things you need to do with sx tx?Restore dental occlusion, provide nutrition
Fracture Management: 􀀁 Patient Preparation.... you need to restore dental occlusion, a mouth tube in the way, what can you do?Pharyngostomy Endotracheal Tube (Keeps ET tube out of the way to check dental occlusion, but still let you breathe for them) and then also put in dorsal recumb AND place Esophagostomy Tube so you can feed them after procedure

Types of fx

Question Answer
3 places can fx jawSymphyseal separation, Body, Ramus & temporo-mandibular joint
how do you tx Symphyseal Separation?Cerclage wire
explain how to place cerc wire for symph separationcut under chin a bit to make opening, take huge hypodermic needle, stick that through, guide wire through, back around and back down
Fractures of the body & ramus--> 3 options for txInternal Fixation (plates/wires(interdental wiring or Interfragmental wiring) ), External fixator, Dental Acrylic
you should REALLY try to avoid what when fixing body?avoid teeth roots
some options for internal fixation for body fx are...?(1) plates (2) wires- interdental wiring or interfrag wiring
two examples of plates you can use to fix a body fx(1) try to avoid roots- cerclage to help with plate being way down there (2) this one didnt really have a choice, risking tooth roots

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