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Blepharitis / neoplasia

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what is Blepharitis?Eyelid Inflammation
possible infectious agents leading to Blepharitis?bact, fungal, parasitic
two manjoy immune mediate causes of blepharitis (and examples of each)(1) allergic (such as to food or medication) (2) Vesicularbullous diseases (pemphigus!)
4 examples of things that can cause blepharitis which are not infectious or auto-immune?Solar, Drug reaction, foreign body, self-trauma
Granulomatous Blepharitis--> Chalazion--> what is this?Retained meibomian secretions. leads to Surrounding inflammation
Granulomatous Blepharitis-->Multifocal Granulomas--> what usually causes this problem?Infection of meibomian glands, aka Hordeolum
what is Hordeolum?multifocal granulomatous blepharitis
how do you treat Granulomatous Blepharitis?(could be Chalazion or Hordeolum) Surgical excision and curettage, Cryotherapy (+/-), Warm compresses, Topical antibiotics, Systemic antibiotics, steroids (+/-)
eyelid tumors more common in young or old animals?older animals
Biological behavior of eyelid neoplasia varies with species. How does the neoplasia behavior vary between dog, cat, and large animal?DOG: most commonly benign adenomas (dogs most favorable prog). CAT: tend to be invasive carcinomas. LARGE ANI: carcinomas common
dog: usually which neoplasia of the eyelid?Benign adenomas
cat: usually which neoplasia of the eyelid?Squamous cell carcinomas
horse: usually which neoplasia of the eyelid?Squamous cell carcinomas or sarcoids
cattle: usually which neoplasia of the eyelid?Squamous cell carcinomas (cancer eye)
how would you tx eyelid Adenomas?Debulk & Cryo, wedge resection
**when treating neoplasia of eyelid, never forget to...send for histopath!!!
how would you tx eyelid Carcinomas/Sarcoids?Resection & Reconstruction, Hyperthermia, Immunotherapy, Laser, Radiation, Combination Therapy
what agents do you use in Eyelid cryosurgery? what do you do/ what should you anticipate?Liquid nitrogen or nitrous oxide. Debulk lesion, Double freeze-thaw. Anticipate swelling and transient depigmentation
how to do Eyelid Tumors: Wedge excision (pic)
what is an option for Treatment of Equine Periocular SCC?Local Photodynamic therapy
(mentioned in class) 3 most common places for horse SCC eye tumors?eyelid margin, 3rd eyelid margin, temporal limbus (junction of corneal with sclera)

Slides 51-68 are additional cases and such which im not sure if she would test on... read over: just a few notes here. REFERRAL SHIT

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refer when there is...primary repair (Greater than 1/3 margin affected, Large eyelid lacerations, Eyelid tumor resection), complex repair (Extensive entropion, Extensive ectropion, Entropion/Ectropion, Feline entropion)
why refer feline entropion?VERY thin eyelids compared to dogs, Specialized instrumentation, Overcorrect very slightly (various procedures)
refer with Hotz-Celsus with Arrowhead Modification. Technique Used withcomplex entropion, Entropion involving lateral canthus
H pasty is used for?repairing eyelid defect (like a mass)
refer is Hotz-Celsus and Wedge Resection. this technique used for...Complex entropion with euryblepharon, Combined ectropion/entropion
refer when Wedge Resection with Skin Flap...used for?Complex ectropion
(refer if) what is Stades Forced Granulation Procedure used for?Upper eyelid trichiasis-entropion with redundant facial skin
treat Upper eyelid entropion/trichiasis with?stades forced granulation procedure (includes Cilia/skin removal)
Upper eyelid entropion/trichiasis--> Excessive facial skin folds in Chow Chows--> do what about this?Orbital-frontal skin fold excision
Upper eyelid entropion/ can do a facelift!
Lateral canthal entropion is treated with?Arrowhead procedure with anchor suture
Lateral canthal entropion can be tx with..Lateral canthal tendonotomy