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stop eating these cookies in abundance, otherwise you will get fatenough, plenty, a lot (or say how many)
my cooworker Marek didnt accede to my demandsallow, agree to
acquaint yourself with fire exitsmake someone aware of or familiar with
Hubert acquiesce in Lidka's decisionaccept something reluctantly but without protest
aforesaid this, earlier in this document
the desks are aligned in straight rowstay in line
alleviate adverse effectsmake less severe
ameliorate my situation about cenmake sth better
she made several amendments to her essayschanges
apprise your mother about your car accident!inform, tell

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assemble databuild, gather, put together
my illnesses are attributable to a poor dietdue to, because of
axiomatic obvious, goes without saying
bestow sth or on\upon sbaward, to give something to somebody
breach break
we voted to cease the riotfinish, stop, end
how to circumvent the law?get round, avoid, skirt, circle
compile a list of metal songscollect, brign together
when my mum requested me to stop playing games i refused to complykeep to,obey
me and piotr concur with each other in lots of viewsagree
construe interpret

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cumulative effect of people on environment is a tragedyadded up, added together
is it customary for teenagers to drink a lot?usual, normal
Panie Hubercie 10 points will be deducted for a wrong answer!take away
I deem it an honour to be invited to your mansion :Dtreat as
Michał has been deferring his deicions for two weeksput off, delay
a deficiency of vitamin Black of
He simply denote, depict, designate my in few wordsto show an image of somebody/something in a picture
the sun's detrimental effects on our skinharmful, damaging
diminish, belittle. You diminish the importance of my contributuin!reduce, make less important
disburse pay, pay out
I was discharged from the hospital too early and now i dont know that to do :/carry out, leave
Lets divide this text into discrete paragraphs!separate, independedent
My knowledge about this accident was disseminated furtherspread information/knowledge

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I domicile in Łomzaliving in
I have a dwelling in Łomżahome
Mrs Majewska elucidated how to use past tensesexplain, make clear
I was empowered to speak to the court on behalf of my mothero give somebody the power or authority to do something
I cant envisage chrosta being an english student XDimagine
I was under the erroneous impression that she loves mewrong, not correct
ex officio because of his or her position
Few student were exempted from semantisc examfree from
Throygh new methonds I expedites my learninghurry, speed up
extant remains of Chinese wall(of something very old) still in existen
ciesyzn in located at the eastern extremity of Polandend or limit of something

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i fabricated this story to be more coolmake up
when i asked mom when i have to turn off my laptop she replied: FORTHWITHnow, at once
Lidka furnishes me with foodto supply something to somebody
henceforth, i will learn this method :Dfrom now on, from today
hitherto i was learning bad methods!until now
hold in abeyancenot being used
i use cash money in lieu of plastic cardinstead of
My english has grown so much since the inception of my studiesstart, beginning
my car incorporates air conditioning!which includes
i have very intimate knowledgevery detailed and thorough

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all the teammates in CS have to liaise with each other to win xdto work closely with somebody
a discovery of the first magnitudethe great size or importance of something
In the factory close to my dwelling, they manufacture car's partsmake in large amounts
The item I mislay the most are my glassesto put something somewhere and then be unable to find it again
taking a closer look on your essay, these few grammar mistakes are negligibleinsignificant
notwithstanding few problems in holding bs A, we managed to win the round!even if, despite, still, yet
I play curvefever on occasionsometimes but not often
the doctor depicted Szymon's growth as an optimum growth (optimal)best, ideal
Omit the particulars and move straight to the point!details, facts
per annum a year
Mgr Kubiak always peruses my essays XDread, read carefully, look at
My predominant feature is my intelligencemain, easy to spot, dominant
I was trying hard to procure the scholarshipto obtain something, especially with difficulty

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The 3 RP promulgated a new law about closing shops on sundayadvertise, announce
Under my provisions I'll let Iza sleep in my houserules, terms
my dwelling in in the proximity of car's factorycloseness, nearness
I made a uwaga in pursuant to my thoughtsin accordance
I asked my mom to reimburse my money from 1st komunia XDrepay, pay back
Please reiterate this argument bcuz i'm not sure what you've saidrepeat, restate
remittance can by made by chequepayment
Comparing to few months ago my remuneration increased :Dan amount of money that is paid to somebody for the work they have done, salary
My grandman alway scrutinise my face when i come to visit herread (look at) carefully

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statutory legal, by law
lets find out some new supplementary methods!extra, additional
undernoted the following
I undertook to finish my translation by tuesday i failed xdagree, promise
I made an unilateral decision without any contribution of my teammatesdone by one member of a group or an organization without the agreement of the other members

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