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Section 1

Question Answer
to jabber awayto talk rapidly, unintellgibly (niezrozumiale)
to smooth things outto make sth easier by removing or dealing with problem
to take sb's sideto agree with sb's opnion, support someone
a knee-jerk reactionodruchowa
to see the bigger picture of sthto see the situation as a whole
to be overwhelmed byto be inundated by
disfiguredblemished (spoilt appearance), hideous
to chip into contribute
to patch sth upto repair ex. relationship
to see the lightto understand

Section 2

Question Answer
punitiveintended as punishment (karny)
to have a ball (we had a ball in miami)enjoy sth very much
to talk sth throughto talk over
an accountabilitythe fact of being responsible for your decisions or actions and expected to explain them when you are asked
to glareto stare in fierce way
to make up forto compensate
a gourmet chefschefs with discerning palate
thrilledsudden feeling of excitement and pleasure
to mess somebody upto beat up hard

Section 3

Question Answer
to be on the first name basisto call each other by first names
to irkto annoy, iritate
to slip insmoothly insert (wcisnąć coś do rozmowy np)
to recallto request the purchase to return as the result of the discovery of a fault
liabilitythe state of being responsible for sth
the stockholdersthe shareholders (współudziałowcy)
to breathe down sb's neckto constantly check up on someone
to be an expert at going for the jugularaggresive in making attack (uderzyć w czułe miejsce)
to be behind somethingbe responsible for sth, stać za czymś
to be right under sb's noseto be directly in front of someone

Section 4

Question Answer
to peddletry to sell sth by going places
sanctioninga threatened penalty for disobeying
nauseousfeeling inclined to vomit
a sipa mouthful
to see fit/think fitto consider sth correct or acceptable to do
to fuck upto mess up
it's worth getting all bent out of shapegetting angry or irked, irritated
excruciatingly boringused to emphasise how boring it was, exceedingly (nieznośnie, potwornie)
to warpto become bent, distort (wypaczone, zniekształcone)
a warp istota czegos
be on the canbe in toilet

Section 5

Question Answer
to stuff sb's face withto eat excessively
bickering overto argue about petty matters
to mitigate adverse effectsmake less severe
to barfto vomit
to toss sb's cookiesto vomiy, barf
to take precautionsto taka contraconceptions (antykoncepcyjne)
to hold sb's ownto retain a position/statement
a pet namea name used instead of 1st name of a person
to make a big deal about sthto consider sth important, usually ironically
to gloss overto cover up (tuszować, pomijać)
name-callinginsulting, abuse verbally

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