SLOWNICTWO - 20.10.17 (cont3)

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Section 1

Question Answer
to get a rise out of meto make upset, to provoke
if this shoe fits, wear itif sth concerns you, accept remark or criticism
to loose sb's coolto fail to mantain calm
to go out of sb's wayto made a special effort to do sth
superficialnot thorough, cursory (powierzchowny)
to be on the same pageto be in agreement
upbraidedfound fould, scold
to perk sb's upto make more cheerful
to get carry awayto loose temper
that really takes the cake/take the biscuitto be most remarkable or foolish of it's kind (przechodzi ludzkie pojęcie)

Section 2

Question Answer
depositiona sworn evidence
a class-action suitpozew grupowy, łączony
futilefruitless (daremny)
happy as a clamextremely hapy ( w swoim żywiole, jak ryba w wodzie)
to find someone in a hot seatthe position of carrying full responsibility for sth important
reconcilationrestoration of friendly relations
to stroke sb's own egoto flatter/praise
remorserepentance(skrucha, żal)
snot-nosedconsider oneself superior, conceited (zarozumiały)

Section 3

Question Answer
watch it!be carful, as a warnig
keep your shirt ondont lose your temper/stay calm
to get a lot on sb's platehas plenty of work to do
dressed-up asdress in special costume
touchy-feelyvery emotionally open
to go off half-cockednot really well prepared, hastily, (pochopnie)
to basha party, social event
an advocate ofbackfielder, supporter
pettinesstriviality, lacking in importance
devoteesupporter, strongly advocating (entuzjasta, wielbiciel, zapaleniec

Section 4

Question Answer
laughableludicrous (śmieszny, absurdalny)
we really hit it offświetnie sie rozumiemy
mediocritythe state of being mediocre, average
the whole room recked of sweatstink, give unpleasant odour
don't skimp on sthuse less stuff to economize, sępić, żydzić
complicitythe state of being involved with others in an illegal activity or wrongdoing
besife/off the pointirrelevant, extreneous (nieistorny, poboczny)
to saddle sth withoverwhelm, inundate
to be on edge tense, nervous
wishy-washyfeeble, insipid (pozbawiony wyrazu)

Section 5

Question Answer
the whole shebangthe whole matter, situation, assemblage(zgromadzenie)
go downhillsteadily worsening situation (psuć się, pogarszać)
since time immemorialsince ever
indignant at/aboutfeeling anger bcuz unfair treatment (oburzony)
subscribe toexpress agreement with sth
<she was all over him like a bad rash>couldn't keep away from him
melt sb's heartaffect emotionally and you can't control the feeling
highfalutingpompous, pretenstious (nadęty)
claptrapabsurd, nonsensical

Section 6

Question Answer
brazen <he's a brazen cheat>without shame bezwstydny)
put and end tocause to stop existing
nerve-wrecking/rackingextremely trying on the nerves
way to go!used to tell someone that they have done good job
seem to come apart at the seamsbe in a very poor condition
serenitycalmness (spokój)
dont dworn your sorrow in a drinkto forget about sth by getting drunk
issueimportant topic
wrapped upto complete sth, make sth done
to stand up forspeak in support of

Section 7

Question Answer
despicabledeserving haterd or contempt (nikczemny, podły) contemptible
to lift a fingermake thte slighest effort to do sth
blind drunkextremely drunk
browbeaten intointimidate someone into doing sth with stern words (zastraszyć)
graciouscorteous, pleasant
demure young womanreserverd, modest, shy (powściąglliwy)
to have a nose forto have intuitive abiligty to detect sth
a phony accountfraudulent, (fałszywy)

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