Skin Lesions

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Abscesslocalised collection of pus
Atrophyloss of epidermis, dermis or both = thin translucent and wrinkled skin with visible blood vessels
BullaFluid filled blister larger than 5cm
BurrowA tunnel in the skin caused by a parasite eg. scabies
CallusLocal hyperplasia of the horny layer, often on the palm or sole, due to pressure
ComedomeA plug of sebum and keratin wedged in a dilated pilosebaceous orifice eg, acne
CrustDried exudate of serum and/or pus on the skin surface e.g. impetigo
CystA nodule consisting of an epithelial lined cavity filled with fluid or semi-solid material e.g. sebaceous cyst, cystic acne
EcchymosisA macular red or purple haemorrhage, >2cm diameter, in skin or mucous membrane

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ErosionA superficial break in the epidermis, not extending to the dermis, heals without scarring e.g. chicken pox after rupture of vesicles.
ErythemaRedness of the skin due to vascular dilation
ExcoriationA superficial abrasion, often linear, due to scratching
FissureA linear split in epidermis, often just extending into the dermis e.g. heels, corners of mouth, nails
FreckleA macular area showing increased pigment formation by melanocytes
LichenificationChronic thickening of skin with increased markings, result from rubbing or scratching e.g. chronic dermatitis
PurpuraExtravasation of blood resulting in red discolouration of skin or mucous membrane

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MaculeA localised area of colour or texture change in the skin e.g. freckle, flat moles (naevi), measles rash
MiliumA small white cyst that contains keratin
NoduleA solid elevation of skin >5mm in diameter
PapillomaA nipple-like projection from the surface of the skin
PapuleA solid elevation of skin <5mm e.g.. wart, elevated moles
PetechiaA haemorrhagic punctate spot 1-2mm diameter
PlaqueA palpable elevation of skin >2cm in diameter and <5mm in height e.g..psoriasis

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PustuleA visible collection of pus in a blister e.g. acne
ScaleAccumulation of easily detached fragments of thickened keratin e.g. eczema
ScarReplacement of normal tissue by fibrous connective tissue at sight of injury e.g. healed wound
StriaAtrophia linear band in skin, white, pink or purple in colour, the result of connective tissue changes
TelangiectasisDilated dermal blood vessels resulting in visible lesion eg. rosacea
UlcerA circumscribed area of skin loss extending into the dermis e.g. pressure
VesicleA clear, fluid filled blister e.g. chicken pox
WhealA temporary, compressible papule or plaque of dermal oedema, red or white in colour and usually indicating uticaria e.g. insect bites, allergic reaction