Skin conditions part 2

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Question Answer
lotrisonebetamethasone/clotrimazole popular for tinea with inflammation/itching
Imiquimod creamwill reduce warts caused by HPV. applied at bedtime then taken off after 8 hours.
preparation Hfor hemorrhoids
anusol HCfor hemorrhoids
Ivermectin for lice/scabiesoptions in difficult to treat cases
lindane for lice/scabies not used commonly due to neurotoxicity
silver sulfadiazene may be used topically in burns to reduce infection risk and promote healing although hasnt been shown to be that effective. if skin broken systemic toxicity could occur. do not use if sulfa allergy
neosporinOTC triple antibiotic ointment. polymyxin, bacitracin, and neomycin
polysporinOTC bacitracin and polymyxin
bacitracinbacitracin alone OTC
bactrobanmupirocin. RX antibiotic cream or ointment. very good staph and strep coverage. can be used for MRSA nasal colonization
cortisporinbacitracin, plolymyxin, neomycin, and hydrocortisone. RX topical used for superficial skin infections
mebendazole and albendazole for pinworm can cause SE:headache, nausa, and are hepatotoxic
albendazole give concurrently withanticonvulsants and high dose glucocorticoids to decrease CNS inflammation. with with high fat meal
Vehicle influences strength steroid Potency from highest to weakest is ointment> creams> lotions> solutions> gels> sprays
use ointments for thick or dry skin
use lotions, gels, and foams forhairy skin
vistarilhydroxyzine. 25mg TID to QID. used for general hives with severe itching. sedation and dry mouth.
cortaid cream/spray/ointmentlowest potency. hydrocortisone
derma-smoothe/FS oil 0.01%mild potency. fluocinolone acetonide
westcort cream 0.2%lower potency. hydrocortisone valerate
DesOwen lotion 0.05%lower potency. desonide
westcort ointment 0.2%medium potency. hydrocrotisone valerate
kenalog cream/spray 0.1%medium potency. triamcinolone acetonide
elocon cream 0.1%medium potency. mometasone furoate
lidex-E cream 0.05%high-medium potency. fluocinonide
lidex cream/gel/ointment 0.05%hight potency fluocinonide.
elocon ointment 0.1%hight potency. mometasone furoate
diprolene cream AF 0.05% betamethasone diproprionate
ultravate cream/oiintment 0.05%very high potency. halobetasole proprionate
temovate cream/ointment/solution 0.05%very high potency. clobetasol proprionate.
olux foam 0.05%very high potency. clobetasol proprionate
diprolene ointment 0.05%very high potency. betamethasone propionate
clobex lotion/spray/shampoo 0.05%very high potency. clobetasol proprionate