Skeleton Chapter

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Section 1

Question Answer
skull8 cranial bones and 14 face bones. joined by sutures except the mandible which is the only moveable joint in the face
spinal column26 vertabrae. cartilage between each vertabrae.
cervical vertabraeseven C1-C7
thoracic vertabraetwelve T1-T12. contains the ribs
lumbar vertebrae five L1-L5
sarcrumcomposed of 5 fused bones
coccyxcomposed of 4 to 5 fused bones
pelvic boneos coxae
ossification bone formation continuing from birth until adulthood
osteoblastscells that produce bone
osteoclastsinvolved in breakdown of bone tissue to release needed minerals or to allow for reshaping and repair
osteocytesmature bone cells that help to maintain bone tissue
resorptionthe process of destroying bone so that it's components can be taken into circulation
periosteumfibrous membrane that covers a bones surface
cartilagea type of dense connective tissue that is found in the skeleton, larynx, trachea and bronchi
metaphysisthe region of a long bone between the diaphysis and epiphysis; during development it is the growing region of the long bone.

Section 2

Question Answer
oste/omeaning: bone -- example: osteopenia -- example definition: deficiency of bone tissue
myel/omeaning: bone marrow -- example: myeloid -- example definition: pertaining to or resembling bone marrow
chondr/omeaning: cartilage -- example: chondroblast -- example definition: a cartilage forming cell
arthr/omeaning: joint -- example: arthrosis -- example definition: joint; condition affecting a joint
synov/imeaning: synovial fluid, joint, or membrae -- example: asynovia -- example definition: lack of synovial fluid
burs/o meaning: bursa -- example: peribursal -- example definition: around a bursa
crani/o meaning: skull/cranium -- example: craniometry -- example definition: measurement of the cranium
spondyl/o meaning: vertebrae -- example: spondylolysis -- example definition: destruction and separation of a vertebrae
vertebr/omeaning: vertebra, spinal column -- example: paravertebral -- example definition: near the vertebrae or spinal column
rachi/omeaning: spine -- example: rachischisis -- example definition: fissure if the spine
cost/omeaning: rib -- example costochondral -- example definition: pertaining to the rib and its cartilage
sacr/omeaning: sacrum -- example: presacral -- example definition: in front of the sacrum
coccy, coccyg/o meaning: coccyx -- example: coccygeal -- example definition: pertaining to the coccyx
pelvi/omeaning: pelvis -- example: pelvioscope -- endoscope for examining the pelvis
ili/omeaning: ilium -- example: iliopelvic -- example definition: pertaining to the ilium and pelvis

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