Skeleton 2

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ossificationBone formation
Osteoblasts secrete an organic matrix into which bone salts are deposited to initiate the process of calcification (hardening).
osteoidThe matrix in which young bone is formed, as well as the young bone itself that is created,
osteocytes osteoblasts are finally surrounded by this matrix,former osteoblasts

Section 2

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bone cellsCells the body has programmed to create bones
hematopoietictissues that make up the inner core of the bone
immature boneThe first formation of bone
mature boneBone that has ossified and calcified

Section 3

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osseousConnective tissue that makes up bones
ossificationBone formation
osteoblastsBone-forming cells that secrete a matrix which becomes calcified
osteoclastsLarge multinucleated cells that reabsorb bone matrix
osteocytesFormer osteoblasts that are surrounded by bone matrix that is calcified

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