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Skeletal system

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Question Answer
4 types of bonesLong, irregular, short, flat
What type of bones are marrow locatedlong bones, flat bones
example of long bonesRadius, femur, ulna, fibula, tibia, humerus
example of short bonesmetatarsals, clavicle
Examples of flat bonesscapula, ribs, sternum
brittle bone diseasegroup of diseases that affect collagen and result in fragile bones
cartilagetough elastic connectie tissue in parts of the body like the ear

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Question Answer
What are bones articulated with when articulating to other bonesLigaments
what are bones articulating with through musclesTendons
osteocytemaintain bone matrix and sensors for bone deformation to send info to osteoblasts/osteoclasts
Bone depositWhen bone is injured or added bone strength is needed. Take Calcium in bone
Bone resorptiondone by osteoclasts for when calcium is low in the body

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Question Answer
osteoporosisBone resorption outpaces bone deposit which bones very fragile and bone mass decreases
arthritiscartilage that articulates between joints is damaged and stiffness and pain are caused
brittle bone diseaseGroup of bone disease where collagen is damaged and results in fragile bones
synovial jointsjoint which bones are separated by fluid containing joint cavity. Most freedom and in most limbs

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