Skeletal System

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How many bones in the human body?206
Hematopoiesis definitionFormation of RBCs
Functions of the boneSupport, protect, assist in movement, hematopoiesis, storage
Spongy bone storesbone marrow
Diaphysis is theshaft
Metaphysismiddle -- where growth occurs
Where do MDP/HDP go?Osteoblastic activity
Osteoprogenitor cellsStem cells of bone which divide to become osteoblasts
Osteoblastscells responsible for making bone
Osteocytemature bone cells derived from osteoblasts
Osteoclastscells responsible for bone reabsorption
____% of calcium in our body is found in ____99 % bones
___% of phosphorus found in ____85, bones
Hydroxyapatiteboney matrix made up of mineral salts, primarily calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate
Axialskull, spine, ribs, sternum
Most cancers go toaxial skeleton
AppendicularUpper & lower extremities
Skull regionsFacial, cranial, middle ear
How many ribs24
How many pairs of ribs12
Ribs are attached to sternum byhyaline cartilage
True ribs1-7
False ribs8-12
Floating ribs11-12
Sternum akabreast bone
Xiphoid process is a reference forpositioning
Super sternum notch akaJugular notch

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