Skeletal muscle pathology

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Creatine Kinaseskeletal or cardiac. short half-life of only 4 hours, so if constant high it means multiphasic
Aspartate amino transferaseliver and skeletal. longer half-life than CK
Splayleg in pigs and swimmer puppiessuspected genetic. recover as they get older
Malignant hyperthermiaPorcine Stress Syndrome. stress or halothane. continued contraction so heat and lactic acid causes necrosis
Polysacharide storage myopathyrhabdomyolysis. CHO in myocytes.
Congenital myscular hypertrophycalves, aroudn shoulders and rump. IM fat reduced by 60%

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Exertional rhabdomyolysisstiff, pain, swelling after or during exercise, in gluteals.
Capture myopathysustained adrenaline causes constant contraction. Acute due to acidosis or chronic due to renal . Swollen, pale thigh and back
BlacklegClostridium chovoei. Acute, necrotizing myositis. anaerobic spores dormant until hypoxic (trauma). toxins vasoconstrict to prevent neutrophils
Gas gangrenedeep penetrating wounds with clostridial. If immune system too slow, then vasoconstriction prevents it. death by toxaemia and toxic metabolites
wooden tongueactinobacillus lignieresii, in cattle tonue cut
Sarcocystosisprotozoa. Muscle of IH. disease if large numbers or hypersensitivity (=eosinophilic myositis)
Masticaory muscle myositiseosinophilic or atrophic myositis. Abs against type2 masticatory myosin, in temporalis and masseter. pain and swelling, then atrophy. Golden retrievers also get similar thing in extraocular muscles.
polymyositisantibodies against muscles. necrosis and inflammation, so pain and swlling, then atrophy. Megaosophagus.

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VitE/Se deficiency PathologyWhite Muscle Disease. Muscle necrosis due to failure of antioxidant system to scavenge free radicals. more in more active muscels.
VitE/Se deficiency presentationyougn animals-tongue, diaphragm and heart. Older animal- thich, shoulder, neck and costal mm.
VitE/Se deficiency PM signsswelling and pallor of mm. Mineralization. Incomplete rigor.
VitE/Se deficiency in pigsmulberry heart disease and hepatosis dietetica. piglets can get it from iron injections
Monensin toxicosisionophore antibiotic as growth promoter and coccidiostat. necrosis of heart and muscle. horses most, poulty least. prevents mitochondria from producing energy, so necrosis. Diarrhoea and colic, then death. Or CHF if sublethal dose.
Rhabdomyomasbenign tumors of myocytes. Dogs laryngeal muscles. Pigs, cattle and sheep in heart.
Malignant myocytic tumors (rhabdosarcomas)Rare but agressive. Appendicular skeletal mm. dogs <2yo, in the bladder. looks like grapes so called "botryoid rhabdomyosarcomas".

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