Skeletal Diseases

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This page helps you learn about skeletal diseases.


Question Answer
Osteoarthritisstrain on joints, injuries on joints and break down of cartilage is faster than normal.
Osteoporosisdepends on age and gender, more bone breaks down than is being made
Disc Herniationinjuries, discs being strained, age, discs are worn down
Scoliosisinjuries, infection, birth disorder
Spinal Stenosisosteoarthritis, bone spurs in spine
Rheumatoid Arthritisgenes, joints are destroyed by body
GoutExtra uric acid in blood, obesity, extreme alcohol, certain medication, other conditions
Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritisgenes, overly active immune system, infection that causes immune system to activate


Question Answer
Osteoarthritisjoint pain, stiff joints, limited joint movement, tenderness/swelling
Osteoporosisback pain, poor stooped posture, bones break easily, height loss
Disc Herniationpain and numbness, weakness, muscle and leg pain
Scoliosiscurved spine, one shoulder sticks out more than the other
Spinal Stenosispain, balance lost, bladder control lost
Rheumatoid Arthritisjoint pain and swelling, fatigue, not hungry, loss of weight
Goutjoint pain and swelling, itchy, red skin around joint, extreme pain, fever
Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritispain and swelling in joints, irritability