Skeletal Cartilage's Growth

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Section 1

Question Answer
Appositional growthan increase in size by the addition of new chondroblasts from the perichondrium and secretion of new matrix
direction in which it occursoutside-in
step 1chondroblasts secret matrix
step 2pushing perichondrium outward
step 3becomes trapped in lacunae
step 4mature turning into chondrocytes
step 5help keep matrix around them alive
allows for growth inwidth

Section 2

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Interstitial growthlacunae bound chondroycytes divide and secrete new matrix expanding cartilage from within
direction in which it occursinside-out
step 1stem cells produce chondroblasts
step 2chondroblasts secret matrix
step 3trapped in lacunae
step 4mature into condrocytes
step 5 divide and multiply
step 6create clones (isogenic groups)
growth stopsduring adolescence, before adulthood