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Sixteen Fundamental Truths

Updated 2007-01-31 22:52

A/G Study Guide for Credentialed Ministry Certificate

This is a Study Guyde for those taking the final test to become a Credentialed Minister within the A/G.

A/G 16 Fundamental Statements of Truths

I am aware that there are more scriptures but for the purpose of study these have been chosen please do not add to the answers. -Moose 21
The Scriptures Inspired2 Timothy 3:16
The One True GodDeuteronomy 6:4
The Divinity of the Lord Jesus ChristMatthew 1:23
The Fall of ManRomans 5:12-14
The Salvation of ManRomans 10:13
The Ordanances of the ChurchMatthew 28:19 & 1 Corinthians 11:26
The Holy SpiritActs 1:8
The Initial Evidance of the holy spiritActs 2:4
SanctificationRomans 12:1&2
The Mission of the ChurchMatthew 28:19&20
The MinistryEphesians 4:11&12
Divine HealingJames 5:14-16
The Blessed Hope1 Thessalonians 4:16&17
The Millennial Reign of ChristRevelation 20:1-3
The Final JudgementRevelation 20:11-15
The New Heavens and The New Earth2 Peter 3:13

Doctrinal and Practical Issues of the A/G

Question Answer
EschatologyThe A/G Stand on this issue is as follows: A pre-tribulational rapture followed by the millennial reign of Christ
Unconditional SecurityThis is a false teaching based on the scriptures that state: A man may have his name taken out of the book of life (Rev 22:19) and believers can fall away (Luke 8:13)
Divorce and RemarriageIt is discouraged by all lawful means and teachings unless the situation occurred before conversion or there is a partner that is guilty of fornication or adultery.
WorldlinessThe A/G do not condone any participation in activity that defiles the body, or corrupts the mind and spirit.
Voluntary Cooperative FellowshipThe A/G is not a cult in that it is the member's perogative to join and adhere to the Teachings of the A/G. If at anytime the member does not want to cooperate with the General Council of the A/G the can leave or be dismissed from the fellowship.

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