Situation Ethics

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What did Joseph Fletcher have to say about Jesus's ethical approach?He had no ethics apart from 'love your neighbour as yourself.'
How do Catholics and Protestants deduce morality?From natural moral law, and the moral laws in the Bible, respectively.
Who, to Joseph Fletcher, is the hero of situation ethics?The cab driver of his friend.
What are the three kinds of ethics?Legalistic, antinomian and situation.
What does a situationist do, according to Joseph Fletcher? (QUOTE)“The situationist follows a moral law or violates it according to love’s need”
What are the four working principles of Situation Ethics?Pragmatism, relativism, positivism and personalism


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What is a quotation by Fletcher to do with the relativistic part of his theory?Situation Ethics "relativizes the absolute, it does not absolutize the relative”
What does positivism mean in this context?Acting in a way which is reasonable in the light of religious statements.
What does personalism mean in this context?Putting people, instead of law, first.
To Joseph Fletcher, what is the conscience, as opposed to what?The weighing up of possible actions, as opposed to a collection of reliable rules that guides human decision.
Why would Christians support situation ethics?It is consistent with the Gospel reputation of Jesus, unlike modern Orthodox Christianity which leans towards the Pharisaic Judaism Jesus opposed.
What is a general strength of situation ethics?It has dynamism that can free deadlocked moral dilemnas.
What is a weakness of situation ethics?It's subjective, so it would be hard to ascertain whether one's perception of a situation were true.
Which theory is an alternative to both situation ethics and natural moral law, by whom was it created, and what is its fundamental maxim?Proportionalism, Bernard Hoose and "it is never right to go against a principle unless there is a proportionate reason which would justify it"
Which bishop compliments Situation Ethics, and what does he say about it? (QUOTE)Bishop John Robinson, and it is "an ethic for humanity come of age."
Which Pope condemned Situation Ethics, when, and why?Pope Pius XII,1952 and because it rejected the absolutist teachings of the Bible and the Church.

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