Signs and Symptoms of Diseases

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Impetigoexfoliative toxins and hyaluronidase causes itchy, peeling flaky skin, SCABS, LESIONS usually on face/mouth
Cellulitislymphangitis, pain, swelling, warmth
Necrotizing Fasciitis Exotoxins damage tissue and aid in spread, typically in immunocompromised. DYING of flesh
MRSA Overuse of antibiotics caused this strain
Gas Gangrene AKA Clostridial myonecrosisAlpha toxins causes RBC lysis, edema, NECROSIS-BLACKENED NECROTIC TISSUE WITH GAS BUBBLES. collagenase, hyaluronidase, DNase help spread
Chickenpox Fever, rash with lesions that are itchy, virus enters sensory neurons
Shingles Lesions along DERMATONES. During and after chickenpox.
Measles AKA RubeolaKOPLIK'S spots (oral lesions), EXANTHEM body rash, fever, Causes cells to fuse forming SYNCYTIA

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Meningitis (5)WORST HEADACHE EVER, light sensitivity, stiff neck, leukocytosis
Neisseria--Acute Gram Negative Meningitisendotoxins damages blood vessels leading to PETECHIAE, IgA proteases destroys IgA present, DIC, cardiac failure, shock, coma, death
pneumococcal pneumonia-Gram Positive Meningitisnormal biota pneumococcal pneumonia a part of blood NO DIC NO PETECHIAE
Encephalitisheadache, stiff neck, fever, confusion, seizures, INFLAMMATION OF BRAIN
Rabieszoonotic, furious form withhydrophobia and seizures, dumb form with stuporous and paralyzed, progress to coma and death by cardiac and respiratory arrest.
Tatanus "lockjaw"tetanospasmin attaches to regulatory neurons and causes muscles to contract uncontrollably, riscus sardonicus early sign,
BotulismLate Symptoms: Botulinum exotoxin prevents exocytosis of ACH at neuromuscular junction and causes paralysis and respiratory arrest. Early symptoms: Double vision, dizzy, difficulty swalloing

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Endocarditis fever, anemia, abnormal heartbeat, shortness of breath, EMBOLI heart vavles
Lyme Diseaseno toxins, BULL'S EYE LESION, neuromuscular and rheumatoid (joint) conditions, erythema migrans, fever headache, dizziness
AnthraxCan occur in skin, lungs, GI tract, CNS, releases exotoxin complex that causes edema, cell death, can causes septicemia, fever, malaise, bleeding.
HIVhas reverse transcriptase, integrase and protease within, LOW T CELL COUNT

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Rhinitis "common cold"sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, mild aches 7-10 dys
Sinusitis inflammation of sinus cavity resuting in fluid accumulation
Otitis middle ear infection thanks to eustachian tube (auditory tube) connecting to middle ear cavity
Pharyngitissore throat, left untreated=strep throat
Streptococcal Pharyngitis "Strep Throat"Erythrogenic toxin causes bright red rash and induce fever. PETECHIAE on soft plate, extreme sore throat, can lead to toxic shock
Scarlet Feverfrom strep throat. Superantigen that has ERYTHROGENIC EXOTOXINS, resulting in redness, rash, high fever. STRAWBERRY TONGUE
Rheumatic Feverantigenic mimicry, antibodies against pyogenes cross react with body cells...Autoimmune disease TYPE 2 hypersensitivity
Glomerulonephritisstretococcal proteins and antibodies form immune complexes that deposit in glomeruli, TYPE 3 hypersensitivity, inflammation of kidney which leads to kidney failure.
Whooping coughfirst phase: cold symptoms. Second phase: EXOTOXIN PERTUSSIS TOXIN AND TREACHEAL CYTOTOXINS and ENDOTOXINcause severe uncontrollable coughing
Influenza "The Flu"FEVER, EXTREME FATIGUE, and cold symptoms. Thanks to N and H spikes that allow this to happen
TB "Tuberculosis"bacterial lung infection. formation of tubercles in lungs cause fever, cough, chest pain
Pneumonia(UH-mo-ni-a)Secretion may consolidate causing chest pain, cough, discolored sputum, difficulty breathing

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Gastritis and Gastric UlcersProduces UREASE to covert urea to ammonium and bicarbonate, immune system damages surrounding tissue. GASTRITIS, GASTRIC ULCERS in stomach lining, bloody stool, vomiting, long term-cancer
Salmonella zoonotic plus fecal oral. ENDOTOXIN=fever ENTERTOXIN=diarrhea CYTOTOXIN=cell death
Enteropathogenic E.colifecal-ora. SHIGA TOXINS, those who cause diarrhea can attach to small intestine, fimbriae for large intestine
Campylobacterzoonotic, MOST common cause of diarrhea in U.S, release toxins that destroy muscoa-jejuni, bloody diarrhea, fever
Clostridium Difficile (Pseudimembranous colitis) antibiotic asssociated COLITIS due to taking broad spectrum antibiotics, pseudomembranous COLITIS,
Choleracholeria toxin causes rice water stool, enteroxin causes cells to release electrolytes into lumen thus water follows=extreme fluid loss
Rotavirus and NorovirusNoro is leading cause of food bourne illness due to improper food handling, common in children
HepatitisALLnecrosis of hepatocytes, unable to secrete BILIRUBEN into intestines, causing JAUNDICE, CIRRHOSIS (firbous scars and nodules) if untreated
Hepatitis Anon oncogenic, low virulence, fecal-oral route, mild symptoms
Hepatitis Boncogenic=HEPATOCELLULAR CARCINOMA, , liver damage, diarrhea, rashes, arthritis. spread via BLOOD, SEXUAL
Hepatitis Concogenic, "silent epidemic", hides in liver cells, can suppress and evade cell-mediated immunity. spread via BLOOD
Hepatitis Dco-infects with HBV. cannot infect on own, increase chances of severity once combined
Hepatitis Enon oncogenic, low virulence, fecal-oral route, mild symptoms

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Urethritis urethra infection
Cystitis urinary bladder infection
Pyelonephritis kidney infection
UTI UROPATHOGENIC E. coli have fimbriae that allows to attach to lining of track UNLIKE entropathogenic e.coli
Chlamydia inflammation of reproduction sex orangs, urethra, cervix, fallopian tubes, epididymos, discharge and pain. STERILITY AND ECTOPIC pregnacy chances. results in NEONATAL CONJUTIVTIS
Gonorrhea inflammation of reproduction sex orangs, urethra, cervix, fallopian tubes, epididymos, discharge and pain. STERILITY AND ECTOPIC pregnacy chances. results in NEONATAL CONJUTIVTIS
Syphilis primary P: hard lesion, CHANCRE. secondary P: chancre healed, bacteria replicating in blood, fever, body rash, hair loss. latency: 20+ years. TERTIARY SYPHILIS-hear, brain spinal cord, death
Congenital Syphilisprofuse nasal discharge called SNUFFLES, skin, bone, nervous system abnormalities. LATER in life: notched incisors (HUTCHINSON'S teeth)