Significant dates in Early Modern Theatre

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'The Tragedy of Gordboduc', by Thormas Norton and Thomas Sackville. First English play in blank verse (verse without rhyme) and first known English tragedy.1562
Birth of William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe.1564
Birth of Ben Jonson.1572
Performances in Stratford by the Earl of Warwick's and Earl of Worcester's Men.1574
Queen Elizabeth issues a patent to the Earl of Leicester's Men which permits them to act in London and the provinces.1574
The Theatre is built in Shoreditch.1576
In present day Elephant and Castle, performances may begin at Newington Butts, according to records.1576
The Curtain in Shoreditch is opened1577
The first Blackfriars Theatre is built1577
Birth of Thomas Middleton1580
The office of the Master of Revels is given a new royal patent, effectively initiating a move towards state-authorised censorship.1581
A royal order establishes the acting company of The Queen's Men.1583
Philip Henslowe builds the Rose Theatre.1587
The Master of the Revels is given authority to censor all plays.1589
Acting is restricted on Sundays and Thursdays, so as to increase turnout at bearbaitings.1591
According to Henslowe's diary, there are 105 performances between 19 Feburary and 22 June1592
The Theatres in London are closed, in an attempt to curb the spread of plague.1592
Death of Christopher Marlowe.1593
In June, the theatres in London are no longer shut.1594
'Henry IV Part 1' is written1597
'Twelfth Night' is written1601
Death of Elizabeth I1603
'Othello' is written1604
The Gunpowder Plot1605
Naming of God is forbidden on stage1606
'The Winter's Tale' is written1611
Publication of the plays of Williams Shakespeare, the 'First Folio'1623
Death of Thomas Middleton1627
Death of Ben Jonson1637

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