Signal Codes

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Section 1

Question Answer
Signal 14Ambulance enroute
Signal 14FEscort - Funeral
Signal 14SEscort - Security
Signal 15Arrest
Signal 15RArrest - Release
Signal 17Fugitive Attachment
Signal 17JJuvenile Attachment
Signal 17MMunicipal Court Attachment
Signal 17TTraffic Attachment
Signal 18Traffic Incident
Signal 19Drunk
Signal 20Accident

Section 2

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Signal 20AAirplane Crash
Signal 20FAccident w/Fatality
Signal 20iAccident w/Injuries
Signal 21Complaint Call
Signal 21FFrequent Passes
Signal 21HComplaint Call - Hangup Call
Signal 21iInformation Only
Signal 21JJuvenile Complaint
Signal 21MMissing Person
Signal 21WWelfare Concern

Section 3

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Signal 22Disperse Subjects
Signal 23Traffic Congestion
Signal 24Medical Emergency
Signal 24AMedical Emergency Alarm
Signal 25Call Dispatch
Signal 26Police Officer
Signal 27Attempted Crime
Signal 28Inciting A Felony
Signal 29Death
Signal 29SSuicide

Section 4

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Signal 30Homicide
Signal 30CHomicide by Cutting
Signal 30SHomicide by Shooting
Signal 30VHomicide by Vehicle
Signal 34 Aggravated Battery
Signal 34CAgg Battery Cutting
Signal 34SAgg Battery Shooting
Signal 35Simple Battery
Signal 37 Aggravated Assault
Signal 38Simple Assault
Signal 39Negligent Injury

Section 5

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Signal 67AAuto Theft
Signal 67BTheft of a Bike
Signal 67CTheft of Exterior Vehicle
Signal 67PPickpocket
Signal 67SShoplifting
Signal 67.3Unauthorized use of access card
Signal 67.16Identity Theft
Signal 68Unauthorized Use
Signal 69Poss of Stolen Property
Signal 70.4Access device fraud
Signal 71Worthless Checks
Signal 72 Forgery
Signal 72.2Monetary Instrument Abuse
Signal 67Theft

Section 6

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Signal 80Carnal Knowledge of Juvenile
Signal 81Indecent Behavior
Signal 82Prostitution
Signal 83Solicit Prostitution
Signal 84Pandering
Signal 87Abortion
Signal 89Crime Against Nature

Section 7

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Signal 90Gambling
Signal 90CGambling w/Cards
Signal 90DGambling w/Dice
Signal 20HGambling by Handbook
Signal 90LGambling by Lottery
Signal 90PGambling by Pinball

Section 8

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Signal 91Unlawful Sales to Minor
Signal 92Contrib to Delinq of Minor
Signal 93Cruelty to Juveniles
Signal 94Illegal Use of Weapon
Signal 94FFireworks
Signal 95Illegal Carrying of Weapon
Signal 95GIllegal Carrying of a Gun
Signal 95KIllegal Carrying of a Knife

Section 9

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Signal 97Solicitation/Peddling
Signal 98DWI
Signal 99Reckless Operation
Signal 99ATVReckless Operation of ATV
Signal 100Hit and Run
Signal 102Cruelty to Animals

Section 10

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Signal 40.2Stalking
Signal 40.3Cyberstalking
Signal 40.7Cyberbullying
Signal 42Aggravated Rape
Signal 43Simple Rape
Signal 43.1Sexual Battery
Signal 44Aggravated Kidnapping
Signal 45Simple Kidnapping

Section 11

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Signal 51Aggravated Arson
Signal 52Simple Arson
Signal 52AFire Alarm
Signal 52BBomb Scare
Signal 52EExplosion
Signal 56Criminal Damage to Property
Signal 58Contaminated Water
Signal 59Criminal Mischief

Section 12

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Signal 59PTaking of Temporary Possession
Signal 60Aggravated Burglary
Signal 62Simple Burglary
Signal 62ABurglary Alarm
Signal 62SSafe Burglary
Signal 62SASilent Alarm
Signal 62BBusiness Burglary
Signal 62CTheft of Interior of Vehicle
Signal 62RResidential Burglary
Signal 63Criminal Tresspass
Signal 63AAiding & Abetting
Signal 63DDemonstrations
Signal 63SSit Ins

Section 13

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Signal 64 Armed Robbery
Signal 64CCarjacking
Signal 64KArmed Robbery w/Knife
Signal 64GArmed Robbery /Gun
Signal 65Simple Robbery
Signal 65PPurse Snatching
Signal 66Extortion or Threats

Section 14

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Signal 103Disturbance
Signal 103DDomestic Disturbance
Signal 103FFight
Signal 103MMental Patient
Signal 103RRiot
Signal 106 Obscenity
Signal 107Suspicious Person
Signal 107VSuspicious Vehicle
Signal 108Officer Needs Assistance
Signal 109Aggravated Escape
Signal 110Simple Escape
Signal 112Impersonating an Officer

Section 15

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Signal 116Flag Desecration
Signal 118Public Bribery
Signal 284Peeping Tom
Signal 285Phone Harassment
Signal 300Biological Threat
Signal 301Hazardous Material Threat
Signal 595Loud Music
Signal 966Drug Law Violation

Section 16

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A29SAttempted Suicide
A30Attempted Homicide
A30CAttempted Homicide by Cutting
A30SAttempted Homicide by Shooting
A30VAttempted Homicide by Vehicle
A52Atempted Arson
A62BAttempted Burglary of Business
A62CAttempted Burglary of Vehicle
A62RAttempted Burglary of Residence
A64Attempted Armed Robbery
A65Attempted Simple Robbery
A67Attempted Theft

Section 17

Question Answer
ANIMALAnimal Complaint
DVDomestic Violence
IOIn Office
LOGShift Log
TF EVENTTask Force Event
TSTraffic Stop