Shoulder Part 2, Clavicle, and Scapula Radiography Positioning

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PA Transaxillary Shoulder Another nameHobbs Modification
PA Transaxillary Shoulder pt position5-10 degree anterior oblique, affected arm raised above head
PA Transaxillary Shoulder CRglenohumeral jt
PA Transaxillary Shoulder AnatomyLateral view of proximal humerus, shoulder jt
Inferosuperior Axial Shoulder Another nameClements Modification
Inferosuperior Axial Shoulder pt positionlaying on side, arm up 90 degrees
Inferosuperior Axial Shoulder CRPerp. to axillary
Inferosuperior Axial Shoulder If pt cannot abduct arm 90 degreesCR angle 5- 15 degrees to axilla
Tangential- Intertrabecular groove Another nameFisk Method
Tangential- Intertrabecular groove pt position Erectleaning over IR, humerus 10-15 degrees from vertical
Tangential- Intertrabecular groove pt position Supinearm at side supinated, vertical IR at top of shoulder
Tangential- Intertrabecular groove CR Erectto groove area
Tangential- Intertrabecular groove CR Supine10- 15 degrees at groove area
Tangential- Intertrabecular groove AnatomyAnterior margin of humeral head, tubercles in profile

Section 2

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AP Neutral Shoulder- Trauma IR size, kVp, mAs10x12, 70-80, 8-10
AP Neutral Shoulder- Trauma pt positionas is
AP Neutral Shoulder- Trauma epicondyles45 degrees to IR
AP Neutral Shoulder- Trauma CRmidscapohumeral jt
AP Neutral Shoulder- Trauma Anatomyupper scapula, proximal humerus, lateral 2/3 of clavicle
AP Neutral Shoulder- Trauma in profileniether greater or lesser tubercle
AP Neutral Shoulder- Trauma BreathingDon't breathe
Transthoracic Lateral Shoulder- Trauma Another nameLawrence method, trauma
Transthoracic Lateral Shoulder- Trauma pt positionSame as transthoracic humerus
Transthoracic Lateral Shoulder- Trauma CRthrough thorax to surgical neck
Transthoracic Lateral Shoulder- Trauma Anatomyproximal humerus, blurred lungs and ribs
Transthoracic Lateral Shoulder- Trauma If pt cannot drop and elevate shouldersCR 10-15 degrees cephalad
Transthoracic Lateral Shoulder- Trauma BreathingBreathing technique

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Scapular Y Lateral Shoulder IR size, kVp, mAs10x12, 70-80, 16-25
Scapular Y Lateral Shoulder pt positionAnterior oblique 45- 60 degrees, abduct arm slightly
Scapular Y Lateral Shoulder used fordislocations
Scapular Y Lateral Shoulder CRscapulohumeral jt
Scapular Y Lateral Shoulder AnatomyAcromion, coracoid, body of scapula, proximal humerus
Scapular Y Lateral Shoulder BreathingDon't breathe
Tangential Supraspinatus Outlet- Trauma Another nameNeer method
Tangential Supraspinatus Outlet- Trauma used forCoracoacromial arch for outlet region
Tangential Supraspinatus Outlet- Trauma pt position45- 60 degree anterior oblique
Tangential Supraspinatus Outlet- Trauma CR10-15 degree caudad
Tangential Supraspinatus Outlet- Trauma AnatomyCoracoid and acromion in a Y, Outlet free of superimpostion
AP Apical Oblique Axial Shoulder- Trauma Another nameGarth method
AP Apical Oblique Axial Shoulder- Trauma used fordislocations, glenoid fx, hill sachs
AP Apical Oblique Axial Shoulder- Trauma pt position45 degrees to affected side (same as scap Y)
AP Apical Oblique Axial Shoulder- Trauma CR45 degrees caudad at scapulohumeral jt
AP Apical Oblique Axial Shoulder- Trauma AnatomyCoracoid process elongated over humeral head

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Clavicle IR size, kVp, mAs10x12, 70-80,6-10
AP Clavicle pt positionErect back against IR, arms at side, chin raised
AP Clavicle CRmidclavicle
AP Clavicle AnatomyEntire clavicle, AC and SC jt
AP Clavicle BreathingHold breath on inspiration
AP Axial Clavicle pt positionErect back against IR, arms at side, chin raised
AP Axial Clavicle CR15-30 degrees cephalad to midclavicle
AP Axial Clavicle AnatomyEntire clavicle, AC and SC jt, clavicle about ribs
AP Axial Clavicle BreathingHold on inspiration
AP Axial Clavicle Thin pt require more angle (30 degrees)
AP AC joints SID, IR size, 2 projections72 in, 14x17, with and without weights
AP AC joints pt positionErect, arms at sides
AP AC joints CRmid way between AC joints
AP AC joints Supine alternativeUses sheets to pull down shoulders, angle 15 degrees cephalad
AP AC joints Supine Another nameAlexander Method

Section 5

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AP Scapula IR size, SID40 in, 10x12
AP Scapula pt positionarm abducted 90 degrees above head, hand supinated
AP Scapula CRmidscapula
AP Scapula Anatomyscapula, humeral head, lateral scapula
AP Scapula BreathingBreathing technique
Lateral Scapula pt position45 degree anterior oblique, affected side down, hold unaffected side's shoulder,
Lateral Scapula CRMidverterbral border of scapula
Lateral Scapula AnatomyScapula, humeral head, lateral clavicle, vertebral and lateral borders superimposed,
Lateral Scapula What is in profile?body of scapula
Lateral Scapula BreathingDon't breathe
Lateral Scapula Scapula should be ____ to the IRPerpenduicular