shoulder Muscle OAIN for PTA

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Question Answer
Anterior deltoid originlateral third of the clavicle
Insertion for Anterior, middle & posterior deltoidsdeltoid tuberosity
Anterior deltoid actionflexion, medial rotation, horizontal adduction, shoulder abduction,
Innervation for Anterior, middle & posterior deltoid Axillary nerve
Posterior deltoid originspine of scapula
Posterior deltoid actionextension, hyperextension, lateral rotation, horizontal adduction, should abduction
Middle deltoid originacromion process
Middle deltoid actionshoulder abduction
Supraspinatus originsupraspinous fossa of the scapula
Insertion for Supraspinatus, infraspinatus, Teres Minor greater tubercle of the humerus
Supraspinatus actionshoulder abduction
Innervation for Supraspinatussuprascapular nerve
Pectoralis major originmedial third of clavicle, sternum, costal cartilage of 1st six ribs
Pectoralis major insertionlateral lip of bicipital groove of humerus
Pectoralis major actions for both headsshoulder adduction, medial rotation, horizontal adduction
Pectoralis major clavicular head actionshoulder flexion to approximately 1st 60 degrees
Pectoralis major sternal head actionshould extension to approximately 1st 60 degrees (180 - 120 degrees)
Pectoralis major innervationlateral and medial pectoral nerve
Lattissimus dorsi originspinous processes of T7-L5, sacrum, iliac crest, lower 3 ribs
Lattissimus dorsi insertionmedial lip of bicipital groove
Lattissimus dorsi actonshoulder extension, adduction, medial rotation, hyperextension
Lattissimus dorsi innervationthoracodorsal nerve
Teres major originaxillary border of scapula near inferior angle
Teres major insertioncrest below the lesser tubercle
Teres major actionshoulder extension, adduction, medial rotation
Infraspinatus origininfraspinous fossa
Infraspinatus actionsshoulder lateral rotation, horizontal abduction
Teres Minor originAxillary border of scapula
Innervation for Teres minorAxillary nerve
Teres Minor actionhorizontal abduction, shoulder lateral rotation
Subscapularis originsubscapular fossa of scapula
Subscapularis insertionlesser tubercle of humerus
Subscapularis actionshoulder medial rotation
Corocobrachialis origincoracoid process of the scapula
Corocobrachialis insertionmedial surface of the humerus near the midpoint
Corocobrachialis actionsstabilizes the shoulder joint, flexes, adducts humerus
Innervation for coracobrachialismusculocutaneous nerve
Innervation for Rhomboidsdorsal scapular nerve
Rhomboids originspinous processes of C7-T5
Rhomboids insertionvertebral of scapular between spine and inferior angle
Rhomboids actionscapular retraction, elevation and downward rotation
Serratus anterior originlateral surface of upper 8 ribs
Serratus anterior insertionanterior surface of scapula, vertebral border
Serratus anterior actionsstablizes scapula against chest wall, protraction and upward rotation
Innervation for Serratus anteriorlong thoracic nerve
Pectoralis minor originanterior surface of 3rd-5th ribs
Pectoralis minor insertioncoracoid process of scapula
Pectoralis minor actionsProtractions, depression and downward rotation of scapula
Innervation for Pectoralis minormedial pectoral nerve
Innervation for Teres Major, Infraspinatus & Subscapularissubscapular nerve
Levator Scapula originTransverse processes of first four cervical vertebrae
Levator Scapula insertionvertebral border of scapula from superior angle to root of spine
Levator Scapula actionsscapular elevation and downward rotation
Innervation for TrapeziusSpinal accessory (cranial nerve XI)
Lower Trapezius originspinous processes of middle and lower thoracic vertebrae
Lower Trapezius insertionbase of scapular spine
Lower Trapezius actionscapular depression and upward rotation
Middle Trapezius originspinous processes of C7-T3
Middle Trapezius insertionscapular spine
Middle Trapezius actionscapular retraction
Upper Trapezius originoccipital bone, nuchal ligament
Upper Trapezius insertionouter third of clavicle, acromion process
Upper Trapezius actionscapular elevation and upward rotation
Innervation for Levator Scapula3rd and 4th cervical nerves