Shoulder Girdle Anatomy

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What is included in the shoulder girdle?Proximal humerus, clavicle, and scapula
What is the humerus?Largest and longest bone of the upper limb
What does the humerus articulate with?The scapula to form the shoulder joint
Two names for the shoulder jointScapulohumeral jt and glenohumeral jt
What does the shoulder girdle do?Connects each upper limb to axial skeleton
What does the shoulder girdle attach to anteriorly?Sternum
What does the shoulder girdle attach to posteriorly?Muscles
What does the clavicle articulate with?1 end articulates with sternum, the other end articulates with scapula
Where does the scapula start and end?Starts at T2 and ends at T7

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What is the head of the humerusRounded end and most medial
Anatomic neckContricted
Greater Tuberclelateral
Lesser Tuberclefront
Another name for Intertubercular grooveBicipital groove
What is the Intertubercular groove?Between the tubercles
Surgical neckBelow the head and tubercles; most fx requiring surgery
Deltoid tuberosityRoughened raised area; attaches the deltoid muscle

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Clavicle 2 ends and long central portion
Acromial end of clavicleLateral
Acromial end of clavicle articulates withAcromion of scapula
What joint does the acromial end of the clavicle and the acromion of the scapula make?Acromioclavicular jt
Sternal end of clavicleMedial
Sternal end of clavicle articulates withmanubrium
What joint does the sternal end of the clavicle and the manubrium make?Sternoclavicular jt
What do both of the sternoclavicular joints make?Jugular notch
Female clavicleShorter and less curved
Male clavicleThicker and more curved
What is the AC jt?Acromioclavicular jt
What is the SC jt?Sternoclavicular jt

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ScapulaTriangular bone
How many borders, angles, and surfaces does the scapula have?3 borders, 3 angles, and 2 surfaces
What are the 3 borders?Medial, Superior, and Lateral
Another name for the medial border and another name for the lateral borderMedial- Vertebral, and Lateral- Axillary
What are the two surfaces?Anterior and Posterior
Lateral angle of the scapulahead of scapula- thickest part
Glenoid cavityShallow depression that takes in humerus
Scapulohumeral jtWhere humeral head articulates with glenoid cavity
Scapula neckBelow head
Superior angleTop
Inferior angleBottom
Vertebral borderIn Between the superior and inferior angles
Another name for wingAlla
Wing of the scapulaThinnest part
Costal surfaceAnterior
Subscapular fossamid area of costal surface depression
Acromion processExtends laterally over humerus
Coracoid processAnterior scapular notch

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What do you see in the lateral view of the scapula?Spine, acromion, crest of the spine, infraspinous fossa, and supraspinous fossa
Spine of the scapulaMedial border to acromion
AcromionOverhangs the shoulder jt posteriorly
Crest of spineposterior border of spine
The crest of the spine separates posterior surface into?Infraspinous fossa, and supraspinous fossa
What does the Lateral view of the scapula look like?Y
What makes up the Lateral view Y?Acromion, coracoid, and the body of the scapula
Dorsal surfaceposterior side
Ventral surfaceanterior side
The body of the scapula is what to the IR during a lateral?Perpendicular

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All joints in the shoulder jt are?Synovial and diarthrodial
What type of jt is the sternoclavicular jt?Plane/ Gliding
What type of jt is the acromioclavicular jt?Plane/ Gliding
What type of jt is the scapulohumeral jt?Spheroidal or ball and socket