Shoulder bones

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clavicleThe collarbone; the first bone in the human body to ossify.
sternal end/medial endThe end of the clavicle that is attached to the sternum
acromial end/lateral endThe end of the clavicle that is attached to the acromion
scapulaAnother name for the shoulder blade.
acromionProcess that helps form point of the shoulder
coracoidProcess on the scapula
glenoid cavityCavity where the humerus rests.
humerusUpper arm bone.
spine of the scapula a long projection that extends to the acromion process to form the point of the shoulder

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superior end of the humerusthe head, which is the rounded end and connects to the glenoid cavity of the scapula to form the shoulder joint.
anatomical neckBelow the head/has a small groove/indentation located just beneath the head
surgical neckBelow the anatomical neck
inferior end of the bonehas lateral and medial epicondyles that are insertion points for muscles of the forearm.

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