Short Story Terminology

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Question Answer
Atmospherethe general mood, feeling or spirit of a story
Characterisationthe way that the author creates characters
Protagonistthe main character who is faced with a problem
Antagonistthe person, place, idea or physical force against the protagonist
Climaxthe point of the highest dramatic intensity; the turning point
External Conflicthappens outside the character
Internal Conflicthappens inside the character
Foreshadowingclues or hints which prepare the reader for future action or events
Ironycontrast or contradiction of what is expected and what results
Verbal Ironyoccurs when a character or narrator says one thing but means the opposite
Dramatic Ironyoccurs when the reader knows more than the character
Plotaction of the story
Chronologicalplaces events in order of time from first to last
Flashbacklooks back at events that have already occurred
Point of Viewthe angle from which the author tells the story
First Person Narrativethe narrator uses "I" and participates in the action
Third Person Narrativethe narrator uses "he" and "she" and is an outside observer
Omniscientnarrator can see, know and tell all of the characters of a story
Resolutionthe outcome of a story
Settingthe background where the action takes place
Suspenseanticipation as to the outcome of events
Symbola similar object, action, person, or place or something else that stands for something abstract