Short stories Test

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Section 1

Question Answer
PLOTDescribes the main parts and events in a story, related in a sequence/pattern
RISING ACTIONSeries of events that increases suspense, leading to the story's climax
CLIMAXThe peak of action and conflict
FALLING ACTIONoccurs immediately after the climax and shows the results of the climax ( leads to the resolution )
RESOLUTIONAlso known as denouement and ties up the loose ends - conflict is resolved to a satisfying ending
DENOUEMENTanother name for the resolution
mOODhow the reader feels
tONEhow the author/narrator feels
EXPOSITION basic intro of setting and main characters; will hook readers
CONFLICTa struggle between 2 opposing forces; drives action of story

Section 2

Question Answer
static characterdoes not undergoe an internal change; same in the end as he/she was in beginning
dynamicundergoes a massive internal change over the course of the story
roundWe know a lot about these character! We understand their complexities and motives
flatWe do NOT know much about these supporting characters; often stereotypical
protagonistthe main character of the story; the good guy we empathize with him/her
antagonistthe person, animal, thing, force, etc. that is in conflict with the protagonist; the bad guy
characterizationthe process by which the writer reveal the personality of a character

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